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  • l e n s c r a t c h: Keith Johnson

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    Sometimes, looking at an image or visual idea multiple times brings a new energy to photographs. Since 2008, Keith Johnson has been creating a series of grids that explores landscapes, cityscapes, waterscapes, interiors, isolated forms, aerial panoramas.

    Link: l e n s c r a t c h: Keith Johnson
  • lenscratch: Keith Johnson

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    lenscratch: Keith Johnson

    I’ve been a longtime fan of Keith Johnson, his images and his person, and recently spent some enjoyable time on his site catching up with his world. Keith has several new bodies of work and several exhibitions on the horizon. A new exhibition at the Garner Center for Photographic Exhibitions at the New England School of Photography, opened August 24th and runs through October 2nd, featuring work from his Extended Landscapes series.

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    I like Keith Johnson’s photos

    Check it out here.

  • NoTxt #2

    Issue #2 now online, featuring: Legendary photographer Bill Owens, Disposable Hero, Michelle Caplan, Keith Johnson, Josh Cochran, Jason Olson, Mario Ruiz, Olive47, Andrew Faulkner, and Seizer (photos by Nicholas Miramontes). Here.