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Larry Fink, The Polarities – The Eye of Photography

The portrait of American society that Fink sketches out starting in the 1950s continues. The Polarities narrates modern America, the radical changes between the Obama years and the arrival of Trump, the society of the spectacle – in which “the show must go on” – and the continuing divide between metropolitan and rural areas. Here, Fink’s images recall those of the Farm Security Administration, the great project designed to study the American territory between 1935 and 1943.


Photographer Larry Fink on Malcolm X, Human Rights, and Charleston, SC – Feature Shoot

As the audience slipped into silence, he recounted a moment at the Audubon Ballroom shortly after Malcolm X’s historic 1964 speech The Ballot or the Bullet. When a young lady pointed to Fink, the sole white man in the venue, and announced, “Brother Malcolm, I have a bullet for that man back there,” Malcolm gave an astonishing response, one of love instead of hatred


LARRY FINK: “Attraction and Desire – Larry Fink’s Life in Photography” (2011)

Larry Fink is a man who clearly enjoys the physicality and sensuality of the world around him. Passion- ate and outspoken with an impish nature, he enjoys good food and earthly delights. Having come of age in the beat generation, Fink has retained that sensibility. His written correspondence takes the shape of a beat poem or a jazz lick, but the images he creates with the camera are drawn from multi-layered influences


Larry Fink photographs Newt Gingrich

For half a century, Larry Fink has captured unguarded moments in often highly orchestrated events: a wayward glance amid a star-studded Hollywood party; the quiet contemplation before a grand debut; the brush of a hand or nervous fidgeting under a tablecloth. And so in January, we commissioned Fink to cover Newt Gingrich’s run for the Republican Presidential nomination, and sent him to Florida to join Gingrich as he stumped across the state


Larry Fink: The Vanities

Recently over lunch, the photographer Larry Fink reminded me that he’d been photographing parties for more than three decades. The images in his latest book, “The Vanities,” recently out from Schirmer/Mosel, have been culled from nine years of work at the Vanity Fair Oscar parties.


Larry Fink Hollywood Parties

For ten years Larry Fink was the magazine’s official party photographer. Schirmer/Mosel has just brought out the illustrated book The Vanities. Hollywood Parties 2000-2009; with more than 90 full-page images it provides an intensive insight into the magnificent photographs Larry Fink garnered: Shot for shot a hit!