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Spotlight On Maggie Steber

Eating dark chocolate in the middle of the night is a hidden secret pleasure. No one needs to know about it. In that way, it is mine alone. It's like a secret garden, where I can retreat and work on something and it doesn't matter whether I ever show the work and if anyone likes it or not. It's where the dark side of my personality can come out to play and thrive. It's like a guilty pleasure. I've thought about this a lot.... maybe this is where one's work reveals a longing to be free of one's self. I think we are described, for the most part, by how people regard us personally and professionally. In this secret garden where I might "eat dark chocolate in the middle of the night" I get to define myself and my work. I think this is a healthy and critical thing for anyone engaged in the creative process.


On Being a Woman Photographer With Maggie Steber and Lynn Johnson

Both photographers have experienced the sexist and patronizing manner of colleagues and bosses. Yet they have used those experiences to their advantage. I sat down separately with Johnson and Steber to talk about being women in a traditionally male field and some of the advantages their gender has given them.


Maggie Steber: Seeing Past the Veil, Part 1

When I applied for my first job at a small Texas daily paper, the managing editor told me the position would go to a male applicant. I talked him into giving me 24 hours to prove myself. I went out, found a story, photographed it, interviewed people, wrote the story, printed the pictures and returned to his office 24 hours later with a story of importance in the small town, ready for publication. He hired me on the spot. I never say die!


Picturing the devastation in Haiti and more inspiring projects – MultimediaShooter

View the destruction along a quarter-mile stretch of Boulevard Jean-Jacques Dessalines, one of the main commercial arteries in the heart of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  By DAMIEN CAVE with photographs by MAGGIE STEBER for The New York Times.