Official Press Release Announcing APAD's Continued Awesomeness

What makes the APhotoADay listserv unique is community. Since 2001, I’ve watched people grow up on there. Find their voice. Come into their own. Some have grown from young college photographers into...

This year’s auction will be held online through Paddle 8 and includes photographs contributed by Ed Kashi, Vince Musi, Melissa Farlow, Randy Olson, Damon Winter, Todd Heisler, Ami Vitale and many, many other accomplished photographers. The auction will begin on September 2, 2014 and will end on September 16.

"Discovery Is What I Love" -- National Geographic Photographer Melissa Farlow (VIDEO)

Farlow describes herself as a "documentary photographer." Her work, she says, is completely dependent on others and the story she gets from them.

I'm shy. Many photographers will tell you that. And I think the camera is a reason to be some place, it's a reason to talk to people, it's a reason to be involved. And it gets me much closer to situations that I find interesting where I would never be there without the camera... I think people are fascinating. I'm always amazed how much they reveal to you. I'm an open person and treat people pretty openly and honestly and I'm amazed at the response I get... The camera always changes things, obviously, but my goals is to try to not let it. To be there long enough so that it isn't really part of the mix.

The Visual Student » Photo Contest Insights: Melissa Farlow

Every photographer who enters a contest hopes his or her images are recognized. I can relate.  Over the years, my photographs have won and lost in contests. I have helped edit my husband, Randy Olson’s portfolio when he won magazine Photographer of the Year and another year for newspapers.  On the other side of the fence, last year I judged both Pictures of the Year International as well as the College Photographer of the Year contests. With this year’s judging coming up soon, I wanted to give a bit of insight into the process.