Misha Erwitt by David Schonauer

“It is what it is,” says Misha Erwitt. Now 56 years old, he is beginning his 11th year in Los Angeles, a place that still seems like an alien landscape to a New York-bred street photographer. “Try to take a street picture in L.A.,” he says. “There are certain places you can go to accomplish that—a mall in Santa Monica or maybe downtown—but once you’ve been there do you want to keep coming back?”

Misha Erwitt: Street Smart « The Leica Camera

A native New Yorker, Misha Erwitt grew up around photography and some of the best photographers in the world and was incurably bitten by the photography bug. After a career that includes an 11-year stint as a staffer for the New York Daily News and a three-year association with Magnum shooting internationally, this brilliant L.A. based photographer now has a show at the Leica Gallery that he hopes to use as a springboard into the world of art photography. He modestly says he’s not an artist, but his engaging work proves otherwise. Here, in his own down-to-earth, unvarnished words, is his fascinating narrative.

The Woman in the 'Family of Man' Family: Misha Erwitt on His Mother – NYTimes.com

"I make fewer than 50 photographs a year. For every exposure I make, I spend many more days in the field just observing, waiting for that rare moment when season, time, and weather add up to just the right light. My work is about slowing down and noticing beauty in the world, especially that which is in danger of being lost or taken for granted. My work is less about a subject and more about a way of seeing that subject, less about a landscape and more about a feeling of being in that landscape."

Star-Spangled Skepticism

Misha Erwitt’s series “Stars and Stripes” is a chronicle of the American flag in its glory — and glorification, Kerri MacDonald reports.

Misha Erwitt was born on Flag Day. That wouldn’t normally be a conversation opener, but Mr. Erwitt, 56, has spent more than 20 years compiling images of the American flag.