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Rippling sea waves, dried river skeletons and endless fields. Water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Each family needs about six pitchers of water a day, and they have to walk seven miles to get it. Ignoring knee-deep mud in rainy season, braving the biting cold of winter. In the seventeen sub-districts of southwestern Bangladesh, the normal flow of water has been ripped to shreds by the dagger of ‘Development’.


100 Eyes magazine – Bangladesh x Bangladesh

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100 Eyes magazine Bangladesh x Bangladesh:

This issue is over 200 pages and features work by Bangladeshi photographers Munem Wasif, Abir Abdullah, Tanvir Ahmed, Shahidul Alam, Monirul Alam, Murtada Bulbul, Saiful Huq Omi, Azidur Rahim Peu, Shehzad Noorani, Mohammad Kibria Palash, and Khaled Hassan.