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40 YEARS OF LOBA: Narelle Autio – The Leica camera Blog

Saturated colours, intense light, happy people, blue seas, clouds: the Australian photographer won the 2002 LOBA for her lively picture series dedicated to beach life. Her complex compositions represent a great homage to the beauty of the Australian coastal landscape and convinced the jury, with their content and form, that the series best captured the competition’s theme of humanity’s relationship with the environment.


Narelle Autio – The Black Snapper

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Narelle Autio – The Black Snapper:

What I like about the photographs of Narelle Autio is that they depict the universal joy of being at the seaside. It is about playing, jumping of jetties, building castles, catching the biggest fish, it is about relaxing, about forgetting time, watching marvelous skies, and gazing to an empty horizon. And also about the excitement of the waves, the feeling of freedom and the caresses of the water, yet also the awareness of danger. I am very fond of the sea myself and by looking at Autio’s works I see that it is about the great joy in small things, about individuals experiencing their own stories, and yet something which is universal. I remember showing her work in the gallery in Amsterdam to an Australian visitor. She was moved to tears, the photographs made her homesick. Narelle Autio on the web: stillsgallery.com. Froukje Holtrop is the curator for Australia at Canvas International Art.