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  • Book Review: Houston Rap

    Link: photo-eye | BLOG: Book Review: Houston Rap

    Rap is a window into life. Whether it is the life of the East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South or Houston, the music is speaking the language of the area, each in its own dialect. Houston rap is a melodic with slow rhymes. Peter Beste and Lance Scott Walker tell the story of the rise of rap music in Houston, Texas in riveting words and pictures. If you have a passing interesting in music or modern culture, owning Houston Rap is a necessity.

  • New Book: “Houston Rap” by Peter Beste

    Link: Juxtapoz Magazine – New Book: “Houston Rap” by Peter Beste

    A great new book from photographer and former Juxtapoz featured artist, Peter Beste. (You know Beste for this series as well as his series covering Norwegian Black Metal). Houston Rap is an immersion into the everyday life of the Houston Hip Hop community

  • photo-eye Book Reviews: True Norwegian Black Metal

    Link: photo-eye

    I am not an expert on Norwegian Black Metal. This review will deal strictly with the book True Norwegian Black Metal, as I read and processed it over a number of days. Clearing my mind in this manner gave me the space to think about the work, and just the work, on the printed pages. It is not the music or the musicians, but Peter Beste’s interpretation of them that I am coming to grips with.

  • Photo Booth: Norwegian Black Metal : The New Yorker

    111010 blackmetal 1 p465
    photo booth:

    Over a period of six years, the photographer Peter Beste documented the secretive, insular community of black-metal musicians and fans, with a focus on the bands Darkthrone, Mayhem, Emperor, Enslaved, Gorgoroth, Carpathian Forest

  • PETER BESTE: "True Norwegian Black Metal" (2008)

  • PETER BESTE, Norwegian Black Metal photographer

    it’s kind of funny to watch Peter Beste calmly explaining the Norwegian Black Metal scene for Swedish TV like an anthropologist whose just returned from a seven-year voyage

    Check it out here.