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Extraordinary New Book Unveils the Untold Stories of the World’s Greatest Photojournalists – Feature Shoot

The duty of a photojournalist, according to many, is to remain detached in a moment of crisis, to compartmentalize scenes of violence and war from the goings on of everyday life. As suggested by Italian journalist Mario Calabresi in his extraordinary book

Meet the Filmmakers Behind the Salt of the Earth Salgado Documentary | American Photo

Salgado the photographer was rejuvenated. He began work on Genesis, an eight-year magnum opus documenting the incredible beauty of the planet, rather than its tragedies. Along the way, he asked film directors Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, his son, to accompany him on some of his Genesis trips. From these journeys, "Salt of the Earth" was born. The film joins Juliano’s Genesis footage with interviews Wenders conducted with Salgado in a dark room, through a two-way mirror, as the photographer analyzes his own work.


Envisioning Human Rights Part III Stephen Ferry, Ken Light, Stephen Goldblatt, Sebastião Salgado – The Eye of Photography

We’ve become such a 24/7 moving world with a constant stream of news and sound and pictures,” writes Light. “And the wonderful thing of a still photograph is you get to linger, you get to stop, you get to look, you get to think, you get to react, and it is a very different experience.


Sebastião Salgado’s “Genesis” | PDN Photo of the Day

“Genesis,” debuts in the United States today, September 19, at International Center of Photography (ICP). “The result of an eight-year worldwide survey, the exhibition draws together more than 200 spectacular black-and-white photographs of wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, and indigenous peoples—raising public awareness about the pressing issues of environment and climate change,” ICP said in a statement about the exhibition.


Sebastião Salgado: Migrant in a World of Migrants

Majid Saeedi’s work explores the paradox of living life amidst war—he focuses not so much on conflict itself, but rather on the daily life of people living with conflict, a detail that differentiates his work from much of what has been documented in the Middle East. Life in War captures everyday moments of everyday people living in war’s ravaged path, haunted by both a traumatic past and uncertain future.


Sebastião Salgado – Back to Nature, in Pictures and Action

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JORI FINKEL – NYTimes.com says:

SEBASTIÃO SALGADO sounds as if he’s slightly allergic to Los Angeles. It’s not just that this celebrated Brazilian photojournalist has been sniffling since he arrived in the city, explaining: “I was born in a tropical ecosystem. I’m not used to these plants.” It’s also that he peppers his description of the city with words like strange and crazy, noting that he was mesmerized by the sight of the endless stream of automobile traffic as his plane made its descent.