Japan's Rootless and Restless Workers

Shiho Fukada has been photographing the effects of the economic crisis in Japan, where notions of personal prosperity and lifetime employment have eroded.

Ms. Fukada, who has been based in Beijing since 2008 and currently travels between New York and China, grew up in Japan. When she started reading about the financial crisis, she needed to see it for herself.

Returning to a Nightmare in Japan

Shiho Fukada returned to her homeland to photograph the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. She describes the difficult journey northward.

Shiho Fukada was born and raised in Tokyo. Now a freelance photographer in Beijing, she began making her way back to Japan, on assignment for The International Herald Tribune, hours after the earthquake. She is traveling with Michael Wines, a writer from the Beijing bureau of The New York Times, and Mac Bishop, a video journalist for The Times. This narrative is an edited version of her conversation with Kerri MacDonald from her hotel room in Kitakami, in northern Iwate Prefecture.

Tension and Theater at China's Congress

Shiho Fukada wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at China’s legislature. Instead, she put the spotlight on its theatricality.

In their use of high-gloss spotlighting and impenetrable shadow, Ms. Fukuda’s photographs of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Beijing convey both the theatrical and the mysterious facets of the events.

Showcase: Disposed Of

During Japan’s boom, these men built towers and highways. Shiho Fukada has found them waiting in meal lines and collecting cans, as Miki Meek reports.

Japan’s economic boom once kept the men in the Kamagasaki district of Osaka busy working on buildings and highways. Now they pass the time waiting in free-meal lines and collecting cans. “It’s become a dumping ground of old men, where alcoholism, poverty, suicide and loneliness prevail,” said Shiho Fukada, a freelance photojournalist.

2008 Photos of the Year – EditorandPublisher.com


E&P announced today the winners in its 9th annual Newspaper Photos of the Year competition. The grand prizerwinner is freelancer Shiho Fukada, who is based in New York City and China, for her remarkable series of photographs following last spring’s tragic earthquake in China.

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