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W. Eugene Smith Fund for Humanitarian Photography : Yael Martínez

It was getting dark when I got the call, my feet froze, Luz my wife was telling me that they had killed my brother-in-law- Beto, she was uncontrollable, I had never heard her speak like that, her voice was shaking, it was breaking… That day totally changed our life… I could not sleep all night, images shot up in my head and my mouth was dry; I fell asleep and an image came to my mind. It was me in a desolate, mutilated place … I woke up with tears in my eyes, “Beto was killed, hanged” was what resonated in my head, “he was beaten, burned, but they told us that he committed suicide.” David and Nacho had been missing for more than 3 months and Beto was killed in jail.