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These Teens Were Asked to Edit Their Portrait for Social Media

The British photographer Rankin recently conducted an experiment for a project titled “Selfie Harm.” He photographed 15 teenagers between ages 13 and 19 and gave them the untouched portraits to edit themselves. Each teen was instructed to retouch their face until it was “social media ready.”

When the Camera Was a Weapon of Imperialism. (And When It Still Is.) – The New York Times

The invention of the daguerreotype was announced in 1839. By the 1840s, photography had spread like wildfire and become a vital aspect of European colonialism. It played a role in administrative, missionary, scientific and commercial activities. As the Zimbabwean novelist Yvonne Vera put it: “The camera has often been a dire instrument. In Africa, as in most parts of the dispossessed, the camera arrives as part of the colonial paraphernalia, together with the gun and the bible. …”

#Freelancelife AMA with Melissa Lyttle – PhotoShelter Blog

We often talk about the impact of social media on the photography industry. One thing less discussed, though, is how photographers can harness their own social media influence to help their peers. Enter Melissa Lyttle.

Quick Tip: Jake Stangel’s Advice to Photographers Struggling for Assignments | PDNPulse

In our story called “How Top Photographers Conquer Self-Doubt,” Jake Stangel was one of several photographers who shared his advice about how to keep going when the phone isn’t ringing. Here’s what he told us:

2018 In the Rear View Mirror | LENSCRATCH

Today instead of mulling over the past year, I wanted to share part of a commencement speech that artist Teresita Fernández gave some years ago at the Virginia Commonwealth University of the Arts, Richmond, Virginia. Teresita is an acclaimed sculptor and recipient of the Macarthur Fellowship. She was appointed to Barack Obama’s Commission of Fine Arts in 2011. Her words transcend her art and hopefully will provide you with some inspiration for 2019.

Leica Gallery Los Angeles unveils “Digital Color” by renowned photographer Ralph Gibson – Leica Rumors

LOS ANGELES–Paying tribute to the milestone 80th birthday of renowned photographer Ralph Gibson, Digital Color will be presented by Leica Gallery Los Angeles through an exhibition and vernissage from January 17th, 2019 through February 24th, 2019. The exhibition will feature a series of captivating digital photographs taken by Gibson, who solely used a Leica Rangefinder and a 135mm Apo-Telyt-M lens to capture each image.

Creating a Community of Latin American Women Photographers – The New York Times

She has been answering that question almost four years now, after she founded Foto Féminas, a digital platform and library that features a different photographer working in Latin America and the Caribbean each month. With her eye focused on their images and not on their credentials or contacts, Ms. Sanchis Bencomo has convened a virtual community of experienced and emerging photographers alike whose styles range from documentary and photojournalism to fine art and conceptual photography.

The six consumer imaging trends that stood out in 2018 – Kaptur

I’m a sucker for year-in-reviews, especially if they’re about soccer or speedskating (yes, really). So, with things slowing down before the holidays and a soon forthcoming CES that will bring us right back to the future, here are the six consumer imaging trends that I feel stood out this year.

Rwanda’s “Camera Kids” Became Professional Photographers and You Can Help – PhotoShelter Blog

In 2000, photographer and theater producer David Jiranek created the non-profit Through the Eyes of Children and partnered with the Imbabazi Orphanage in Rwanda to teach photography to 19 children who had been affected by the 1994 genocide that killed an estimated 500,000 – 1 million Tutsi. Armed with disposal film cameras, the “Camera Kids” learned skills that allowed them to document the rebuilding of their country through the volunteer efforts of photographer Kristen Ashburn, publicist Jenifer Howard and brand strategist Joanne McKinney.

What it’s like to spend the night with strangers around the world

After taking her camera across Russia, the US and Egypt, Bieke Depoorter has been asking constant questions of herself – navigating what it means to be a photographer with the most intimate access imaginable.

Announcing #shotoftheyear: a Celebration of Our Members’ Favorite Snaps from 2018 – PhotoShelter Blog

2018 has had no shortage of photo-worthy moments. This year we wanted to celebrate our members with something a little different, so we asked them to submit their favorite images from the last 12 months. The results offered a look inside everyone’s unique perspectives on 2018, from photographing the California wildfires to snapping portraits of students at Stoneman Douglas High School and trips to the North Pole. The diversity of talent, style, and subject matter are incredible and a true testament to the universal appeal of photography as a medium.

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