Visual Tech Losers of 2017 and Winners of 2018 – Kaptur

Sometimes, great things come out of defeat. Especially in the startup world. As we look back at the year past, we take one last look at what failed, with the hope that they will generate great, unsuspected outcomes.   As well, we take a peek at 2018 and its probable heroes, with the firm understanding that our vision just might not be that accurate.

The History of Photography is a History of Shattered Glass – The New York Times

It has only been a few weeks, but I can already feel the events in Las Vegas slipping away from me. The horror that unfolded there is indelible: A single shooter killed at least 58 people and injured hundreds more. And yet the horror is not indelible; it is fading, as most public tragedies eventually do. (You might even have wondered, reading the above, Which events in Las Vegas?) Since Oct. 1, there has been a terrorist attack in New York City, a mass shooting in Texas and other gun violence throughout the country, as well as numerous distressing public scandals. What trace of these events remains for those of us not personally affected by them? Names, dates, photographs, videos: all retrievable, but most archived away in a cloud of faint memory.

PhotoPlus Seminar Report: Using Instagram Wisely | PDNPulse

Four photographers who have used Instagram to raise money, promote their work and land assignments explained how they curate their Instagram feeds during a seminar at PhotoPlus Expo. They also explained how they handle clients’ requests and expectations about sharing assignment images with their followers, and how they interact with their audiences.

PhotoPlus Seminar Recap: Photography Directors at Major Publications Discuss Hiring Photographers | PDNPulse

Directors of photography from Bloomberg Businessweek, The California Sunday Magazine, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Refinery29 and Topic spoke about the hiring practices of their publications during a seminar at PhotoPlus Expo over the weekend, and also discussed the qualities they look for in the freelance photographers they hire.

Aperture at 65: Changing the ‘Cult’ of Photography – The New York Times

This year is the 65th anniversary of Aperture, which has shaped the conversation around photography through its magazine and books. Chris Boot, the executive director of the nonprofit Aperture Foundation spoke with James Estrin about the state of photography and its future. Their conversation has been edited for clarity and brevity.

A look at Addis Foto Fest – Witness

Exhibitions, workshops, and portfolio reviews — at first glance, Addis Foto Fest sounds like any photo festival around the world. But this festival is in Ethiopia. With a long history of the African continent and its people being defined by western eyes and ideas, the festival presents unique challenges and opportunities. Festival founder and director Aida Muluneh tells me that the biannual festival started in 2010 in Addis Ababa, Ehtiopia, and continues to grow as a way to mentor young photographers, exhibit projects from emerging photographers, and build connections within the photo industry in Africa and around the world.

PDN Video: Natalie Keyssar on Sexism in the Photo Industry | PDNPulse

Photojournalist Natalie Keyssar discusses how women (and photographers of color) are denied the same opportunities as white men in the photo industry, and why that needs to change. “It robs everyone, including white men, of the ability to understand other perspectives. In such a terribly polarized country as we’re in today, lack of empathy is a violent, destructive force that’s reinforced by a homogeny of perspective,” she says.

Nikon Picked 32 Photographers to Promote a Camera. All 32 Were Men. – The New York Times

To promote a new camera, Nikon enlisted 32 photographers from Asia, Africa and the Middle East to try it out and tell their stories on the company’s website.

But Nikon couldn’t — or didn’t — find any women to participate. All 32 were men.

The Gender of a Photographer is Irrelevant (Until You Make Them the Face of Your Company) – PhotoShelter Blog

The launch of the Nikon D850 in the company’s 100th anniversary year has brought almost universal praise for its technology, leading to months-long waitlists. But the din of outrage permeated social media as Jason Vinson asked “Is the Nikon D850 for Men Only?” referring to a team of 32 professional photographers assembled to promote the camera – all of them men (Nikon’s USA Ambassador program has 7 women out of 24 total photographers).

No More Excuses: Diversify Launches Database of Photographers of Color | PDNPulse

After five months of planning, Diversify Photo today launched a database of 340 photographers of color from around the U.S. Brent Lewis, senior photo editor at ESPN’s The Undefeated, told PDN in May that he and photographer and filmmaker Andrea Wise had begun compiling the database to show photo editors, art buyers and other creatives who hire photographers “that there are a lot of talented people out there that they may not see, have the time to go looking for, or just don’t know where to begin to find.”

The New York Times

In 2007, the top-selling image for the search term “woman” in Getty Image’s library of stock photography was a naked woman lying on a bed, gazing at the camera with a towel draped over her bottom half.

In 2017, it’s a woman hiking a rocky trail in Banff National Park, alone on the edge of a cliff high above a turquoise lake. She’s wearing a down jacket and wool hat, and her face isn’t visible.

Sexism in the Photo Industry: Can’t We Do Better? | PDN Online

A woman photojournalist tells PDN that her worst (but not only) encounter with sexual harassment happened when she was with a group of photographers and a photo editor at a bar. The photo editor asked her for advice on who he should send to shoot a story in a region she had covered. “Me,” she said. “No, I’d worry about you too much,” he said. She asked him, “Why don’t you ever hire me for an assignment?” He offered her a quid pro quo on the spot. She recalls, “The exact words were, ‘If you hook up with me I’ll give you an assignment.’” She told him if he didn’t give her an assignment, she’d tell everyone what he said, which she has been doing ever since.

Announcing 5th Annual Luminance Talks at Photoville: Sept 15th at St. Ann’s Warehouse, NYC

Join us at the studio in St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn all day Friday, September 15th for discussions with industry professionals and photographers. We’ll cover topics like mistakes photographers make, getting more money from your work, developing a signature brand, women in photography, how to bring a commercial campaign to life, plus a special conversation with celebrated photographer and professor Deborah Willis.

The Alyssa Coppleman Mixtape | LENSCRATCH

It gives me great pleasure to celebrate a special friend and bright light in the photo world, the wonderful Alyssa Coppelman. Alyssa has a well-developed eye for connecting images to text in her various incarnations of Photo Editor, Art Researcher, and Writer/Contributor. She also can often be found reviewing portfolios at the major photography events –we were both recently at Photolucida in Portland, as well as at PhotoNOLA in December, and several years ago, we spent a very memorable experience at Atlanta Celebrates Photography that ended in an epic evening of dancing, and in October we will be enjoying the San Diego sunshine at the Medium Festival

Unsplash is (Still) Bad for Photography – PhotoShelter Blog

Unsurprisingly, building a platform of free photos rubbed many professional photographers the wrong way. So much so, that co-founder Mikael Cho recently penned a defense of the business. I don’t believe that Cho has any malicious intent to harm the photographic industry, but I think the unplanned success of Unsplash has helped him to justify some untenable positions. Let me challenge some of Cho’s claims.

Instagram Stories: In or Out? 4 Influential Photographers Weigh In

If you haven’t tinkered with Stories yet or are hesitant to start, we connected with a few well known photographers —  Chris Burkard, Helena Price, Katie Orlinksy, and Evan Sung — who are using the feature all the time. We wanted to know what they like about it, how it’s helping their photo business, and what tips they have for photographers who want to get started.