This Photographer Deleted His Social Media with 1.5 Million Followers

Professional landscape photographer Dave Morrow had thriving social media accounts with over 1.5 million followers. Last year, he decided to delete those accounts and give up his huge followings there. The decision changed his life and photography.

Wolfgang Tillmans Explores the Role of Art in a Post-Truth World – The New York Times

LONDON — The German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans has had a decades-long love affair with printed media. Since making his name in the 1990s taking pictures of night life in Hamburg, Germany, for the British counterculture magazine i-D, his work has appeared in countless publications — from fashion titles to newspaper supplements — as well as in galleries and museums. Mr. Tillmans has long been concerned with how his work appears on the printed page.

Peter Funch Sees the Patterns in the People on the Street – The New York Times

It’s not that hard to go out into the street and take a stranger’s picture. It is legal and, with the right equipment, technically simple. But how do you arrive at two pictures of the same person, with almost the same expression, on what seem to be different days? These photographs were made by the Danish artist Peter Funch, and they are part of a series of many such pairs. For nine years, from 2007 until 2016, Funch hung around Grand Central Terminal and watched commuters during the morning rush between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. Using a long-lensed digital camera, he made countless portraits, an intriguing face here, another one there, yet another over there. He began to notice repetitions, the same people, the same faces, the same gestures, the same clothes. Each person was in the self-enclosed reverie of getting somewhere. The photos were all taken in May, June or July, in bright summer sunshine. The resulting project, published last year in a monograph titled “42nd and Vanderbilt,” is named for the street corner on which Funch stationed himself. It contains dozens of pairs of portraits (and a few in sequences of three), all of strangers.

Mississippi, murder, and William Eggleston’s “Red Ceiling”

William Eggleston first tried peyote one summer in the early 1960s while visiting a friend in Oxford, Mississippi. You can find the story in a memoir by University of Mississippi football star (and later Dark Shadows actor) Jimmy Hall, who was there at the time. Eggleston had invited Hall to join him and his friend, and the three men puzzled over the green-blue cactus in its cardboard box, purchased via mail-order from a nursery in Laredo, Texas.

‘Russian Vivian Maier’ Discovered After 30,000 Photos Found in Attic

She was Leningrad’s lost photographer. Russian photographer Masha Ivashintsova (1942-2000) photographed constantly but never showed her work to anyone. In late 2017, a relative stumbled on boxes of negatives and undeveloped film gathering dust in an attic. Published here, some for the first time, are some of the 30,000 images from the remarkable discovery.

Ballenesque – The Leica Camera Blog

An insight into the life and work of Roger Ballen

is Unsplash the new Instagram ? – Kaptur

About a week ago, Unsplash announced that they had raised $7.25 million, along with plans to bring cryptocurrency to its free stock photo service. While most see their move as a potential Shutterstock killer,  Unsplash  could end up becoming a  potent competitor to Instagram, Pinterest, and Snap as they share more DNA .

500px Acquired by VCG, the Getty Images of China

VCG announced today that its subsidiary VCG Hong Kong has acquired 100% of 500px shares. VCG previously led a $13 million funding round in 500px back in July 2015, becoming 500px exclusive distributor of images in China, and in October of that year 500px announced an expansion into China with its new website,

B: Thoughts On Instagram

Somehow I missed Ingrid Goes West during its theatrical release last summer. But it turned up on the screen menu on my recent flight to LA. I knew nothing about it and I had two hours to kill so I took a chance. Dammed if Ingrid Goes West didn’t turn out to be the best film I’ve ever seen about Instagram. It may in fact be the only one, but let’s not split hairs.

The phenomena of the photography collective – British Journal of Photography

In 2015, after several years of working individually, Copenhagen-based photographers Sara Galbiati, Peter Eriksen and Tobias Markussen formed a collective. What started as an experiment for the photographers – “Would it be possible to merge together and become one?” – soon became second nature. “It is quite simple: we believe that we are more accomplished when we collaborate,” says SPT. “Our own egos as photographers needed to be challenged and dissolved.”

Final’ish Thoughts On Unsplash · DEDPXL

TL:DR – There’s a massive liability issue with Unsplash and sites like it. Photographers are getting taken advantage of. Conde Nast doesn’t even say “Thank you.” People are just one good lawsuit away from the whole thing taking a nose dive.