Who Owns Mike Disfarmer’s Photographs?

Strangers made his small-town portraits famous in the art world. Decades later, his heirs want control of the estate.

That changed in 2019, when, on a family trip to New York, Miller stopped by Howard Greenberg Gallery and learned that it had recently received a letter challenging the sale of Disfarmer prints. The author of the letter was David Deal, a lawyer who’d made his name leading a previous dispute over the estate of another Howard Greenberg artist, the photographer Vivian Maier. Maier, a nanny in Chicago, made no known attempts to sell or exhibit her work during her lifetime. Like Disfarmer, she became famous after her death. In 2014, Deal tracked down one of Maier’s distant cousins to fight for control of her archive. (A high-profile copyright-infringement case against one of the major collectors of her work was settled, confidentially, in 2016.) Now, as Deal’s letter informed Howard Greenberg, he was representing Disfarmer’s heirs—not one or two but nearly three dozen—in an effort to recover their “physical and intellectual property” and “any revenue generated by the appropriation” of copyrighted images. “He’s suing us,” a gallery associate told Miller. “And he’s gonna sue you.”

Free Portfolio Review Opportunity with a Two-Time Pulitzer Prize Winner - PhotoShelter Blog

Few things in photography are as impactful as a portfolio review. They provide assurance, offer tips for improvement and can put your work into perspective. We’re hosting a free portfolio review webinar with photojournalist Essdras M. Suarez on July 16th

We’re hosting a free portfolio review webinar with photojournalist Essdras M. Suarez on July 16th at 12pm ET.

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If you’re a freelance photographer, running a successful small business is crucial. Just ask Melissa Lyttle, photojournalist and freelance photographer.  As the former president of NPPA and a full-time freelancer since 2014, Melissa has made it her missio

Hear about Melissa’s multiple income streams, stories of how one opportunity led to a big break and get insights into how you can avoid common photo business mistakes.

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We all know that as photographers, creating your best work is paramount. But learning how to curate and showcase it effectively is what will help you book exciting jobs, secure contracts and take your career to the next level.  Recently we spoke with phot

Recently we spoke with photo editors Sarah Jacobs and Tracey Woods to learn about their personal journeys and how freelancers can catch the eye of photo editors. Even with a wide range of professional experience—the two have worked for an impressive list of publications: Business Insider, Universal Music, ONE37pm, iHeartRadio, The Luupe and Essence Communications—themes emerged.

The Artist Upending Photography’s Brutal Racial Legacy

Deana Lawson’s regal, loving, unburdened photographs imagine a world in which Black people are free from the distortions of history.

A few months ago, the photographer Deana Lawson and her family were driving to an art opening in the Inglewood neighborhood of Los Angeles when Lawson spotted a garage sale out of the corner of her eye. She wanted to pull over, but her 19-year-old son was tired, and he balked. The family passed the sale again on their way back home, and this time, Lawson insisted. When she met an elderly woman tending to the sale, she knew immediately that she wanted to photograph her.

The licensable web - Kaptur

Some creators and artists of all kinds will continue to offer their content for free, as they have done for millenniums. But unlike the last 50 years, it will be a choice rather than an obligation.

The next web is where content, where ever it might originate, will be compensated for. A place where if you want to build and sustain traffic, you will have to incentivize your content producers. But also a place where it will no longer be against the “internet principle” to charge for content.

Photographers Share Their Stories for Earth Day 2021 - PhotoShelter Blog

Every year, Earth Day offers a time for photographers around the world to highlight the importance and beauty of nature and wildlife. Images have the power to show the impact we leave on our planet in an instant. To celebrate this year’s unique Earth Day,

To celebrate this year’s unique Earth Day, we reached out to some of our members asking them to share photos that represent the true nature of Earth Day; a sense of wonder, adventure and protection for our planet. Below, you’ll hear stories of incredible animals, captivating destinations, environmental activism and more.

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Photographers accounted for some of the hardest-hit professionals amid the coronavirus pandemic. During an incredibly challenging year both professionally and personally, many took the time to learn new skills and focus on personal projects.  Now, in 2021

Today, we’re thrilled to release 45 Places to Find Photography Jobs in 2021, made in partnership with our friends over at Feature Shoot. We’re highlighting 45 places around the world where opportunities await. Browse job boards with full-time listings, websites for part-time gigs and social media groups specially curated for creatives. Uncover unknown creative networking platforms and sign up for newsletters design specifically for freelancers looking for work.

Celebrating Women Photographers - Women’s History Month 2021 - PhotoShelter Blog

For centuries, across specialties, women photographers have shown great mastery and passion for the art and study of photography. The global community of women imagemakers is also often an inspiring force for good. From sharing supportive messages on Twit

In honor of Women’s History Month, we connected with a few PhotoShelter members who we’re proud to work with. These seven women photographers are offering their thoughts on representation in the photo industry and introducing us to the peers they admire most.

What is an NFT and Why Should Photographers Care?

The photographer's guide to the rapidly-evolving NFT space.

Seemingly overnight, NFTs became the hottest acronym on social media and in headlines. On Thursday, a single JPG file created by Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple, sold in an online auction for $69.3 million. It was the first digital-only art sale for auction house Christie’s, meaning there was no physical copy involved.

100 Contemporary Women Street Photographers Redefining the Genre - Feature Shoot

Growing up in Ufa, the capital of the republic of Bashkortostan, Russia, Gulnara Samoilova fell in love with photography at the age of 15, and quickly discovered it was a…

Featuring the work of 100 contemporary artists from 31 countries pushing the boundaries of street photography in new and exciting directions, Women Street Photographers introduces  expansive, experimental, and non-traditional approaches to a genre historically defined by the work of men. Bringing together women of all ages, races, ethnicities, creeds, and sexualities, Samoilova is on a mission to offer the kinds of opportunities and support she wished she had throughout her career.

WATCH: The Social Effects of Photography with Black Women Photographers - PhotoShelter Blog

Photography has long been a medium used to drive social and cultural change. The impact of documentary photography is immeasurable as both new and historic images play a role in how we see and interact with the world around us. As society has shifted in t

We sat down with Polly Irungu, the founder of Black Women Photographers, and talented independent photographers Dee Dwyer and Alexis Hunley to discuss the stories behind some of their powerful images, how the photo industry can better support Black photographers and more.