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Book Review I'm Looking Through You Photographs by Tim Davis Reviewed by Blake Andrews “'I’m pretty good at photography,' states Tim ...

“I’m pretty good at photography,” states Tim Davis toward the end of his new monograph I’m Looking Through You. “I’m, like, good at it.” Such a boast would be hyperbole coming from most photographers. But Davis has the goods to back it up. Coming from him the declaration is merely another clear-eyed fact like the pictures it accompanies. Davis shot them in and around Los Angeles over the course of a few years between 2017 and 2019.

Opinion | A Newsroom, on Pause

From the shadows, the newsroom beckons, ready to come alive again.

I first met Kathy Ryan a few years ago when I needed a new picture of myself for The Times. We met on an autumn afternoon in the New York office that’s been headquarters since 2007.

Chester Higgins’s Life in Pictures

All along the way, his eye is trained on moments of calm, locating an inherent grace, style, and sublime beauty in the Black everyday.

Hanging in the fourth-floor study of the renowned photojournalist Chester Higgins’s Fort Greene brownstone is a bunch of large dead leaves, fastened to a line in front of a well-stocked bookcase. Higgins grew the leaves in his window boxes, he told me, and he’s been making photographs of them for some time now. It’s a way, he said, to examine how “the spirit” manifests in all natural things.

The Enemy Is Us

The photographers who go out to photograph wars know that the actual experience of being in a war zone cannot be communicated with pictures. The people who look at photographs of war now know very well that war photography also doesn’t do much for or to them. It’s debatable to what extent war photographs have shaped the public discourse.
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Renowned Fashion Photographer Hiro Passes Away At 90

Fashion photography icon Hiro has passed away at the age of 90, leaving behind decades of boundary-breaking imagery.

Renowned Japanese American photographer Yasuhiro Wakabayashi, professionally known as Hiro, has passed away at the age of 90. He was best known for his successful editorial and commercial fashion photography career as well as his unique style that has been imitated by many.

The City in All its Facets

The latest book published by Louis Vuitton, Villes du monde [Cities of the World], takes readers on a trip around the world through 225 photographs of 30 different cities.

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A Sweeping Look at American Landscape Photography

In an eloquent new photobook, Sandra S. Phillips considers how photographers envision the intertwined histories of land use, colonialism, and the built environment.

When Sandra S. Phillips was named curator emerita of photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2016, after three very busy decades leading the department, she had no intention of slowing down. In fact, she was actively at work on what fairly can be called the most ambitious project of her career to date: American Geography: Photographs of Land Use from 1840 to the Present, an exhibition scheduled to appear at SFMOMA in 2020. Lamentably, the exhibition itself was a casualty of the coronavirus pandemic, but the accompanying publication—much more than a catalogue—was published earlier this year by Radius Books in Santa Fe.
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