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  • Wolfgang Tillmans’s Beautiful Awareness | The New Yorker

    Wolfgang Tillmans’s Beautiful AwarenessThe photographer talks about his first MOMA retrospective and how his prescient art flows from the act of paying attention.via The New Yorker:’s fascinating that, when I started using photography as my main medium and art, obviously, I had no idea that this medium would become so central to all life, […]

  • ABQ – Photographs by Lewis Khan | Interview by Wesley Verhoeve | LensCulture

    ABQ – Photographs by Lewis Khan | Interview by Wesley Verhoeve | LensCultureLewis Khan’s latest project transports him to a desert city, thousands of miles away from his London home and locally-based projectsvia LensCulture: Khan: I was drawn initially to New Mexico by a fascination with the desert. I was interested to see how […]

  • Photographers on Photographers: Sydney Walsh in Conversation with Sofia Valiente – LENSCRATCH

    Photographers on Photographers: Sydney Walsh in Conversation with Sofia Valiente – LENSCRATCHThis month we feature our annual Photographers on Photographers interview series. For this effort, we asked the 2021 Top 25 to Watch to share an interview with a hero, mentor, or an artist who has inspired them. Thank you to all who participated. – […]

  • Amazônia: Sebastião Salgado’s Photo Essay Nine Years in the Making | PetaPixel

    Amazônia: Sebastião Salgado’s Photo Essay Nine Years in the MakingA conversation with Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado about his epic photo essay on the Amazônia nine years in the making.via PetaPixel: is another thing. Photography is the memory of the society that we’re part of. And the bigger problem with the smartphone is that it […]

  • Interview: Ed Kashi – “Abandoned Moments” — Analog Forever Magazine

    Link: You must believe in yourself, believe in this work and be ready and willing to work harder than you’ve ever worked. You must be able to withstand a seemingly inhumane amount of disappointment and rejection, learn to navigate the unseemly politics and favoritism that is rife in most creative fields, and basically be incredibly […]

  • A Conversation with Rob Hornstra | Conscientious Photography Magazine

    A Conversation with Rob Hornstravia Conscientious Photography Magazine:, I would have simply introduced my conversation with Rob Hornstra with his history as a photographer, most notably his work with writer Arnold van Bruggen in the Caucasus: The Sochi Project. That work entailed a large number of highly successful self-published photobooks, all of them crowdfunded […]

  • Joe McNally Dishes “The Real Deal” – PhotoShelter Blog

    Joe McNally Dishes “The Real Deal” – PhotoShelter BlogNearly twenty years ago, I came across Joe McNally’s photo of a Northrop Grumman X-47A Pegasus that he took for a National Geographic story entitled “The Future of Flying Faster Farther Smarter.” The piece was notable for being the magazine’s first to feature all-digital photography, but I […]

  • 50 Questions with Photographer Alec Soth | AnOther

    50 Questions with Photographer Alec Sothvia AnOther: Pound of Pictures is a window into both our world and Soth’s process itself. In every photograph, there is what we see and what lies beneath. Much the same way, Soth answers our 50 questions with consideration, sincerity and just the right amount of playfulness.

  • Tracy L Chandler: A Poor Sort of Memory – LENSCRATCH

    Tracy L Chandler: A Poor Sort of Memory – LENSCRATCHChantal Anderson sat down with fellow photographer, friend, and collaborator Tracy L Chandler, to discuss Chandler’s latest work, A Poor Sort Of Memory.  Tracy L Chandler is an American artist living in California who uses photography to explore themes of isolation, vulnerability, discovery, and coming of age. […]

  • Ralph Gibson: “I Am an Insider, Not an Observer” | Blind

    Ralph Gibson: “I am an insider, not an observer”On November 4, 2021, as part of Leica‘s celebration of photography, American photographer Ralph Gibson received the Leica Hall of Fame Award 2021 for Lifetime Achievement. He is also being honored with a retrospective exhibition, on view through the end of February 2022, at the Leica Gallery in Wetzlar, Germany.Link:, Ralph […]

  • LOBA Winner 2021: Ana María Arévalo Gosen – Interview – YouTube

    This year’s Leica Oskar Barnack Award winner Ana María Arévalo Gosen gives an insight into her series “Días Eternos”, which translates as “Eternal Days”. It addresses the appalling living conditions of women in prisons.

  • LOBA Winner Newcomer 2021: Emile Ducke – Interview – YouTube

    Kolyma – Along the Road of Bones: The German documentary photographer Emile Ducke reports on his journey along the so-called “Road of Bones” through the remote Kolyma region of Siberia.

  • How to Start a Photo Magazine in a Pandemic – PhotoShelter Blog

    How to Start a Photo Magazine in a Pandemic In January, I chatted with renown photojournalist Kenneth Jarecke who had just announced the creation of The Curious Society, a large format photo magazine featuring the work of some of the world’s best photojournalists and documentary photographers. The goal wasn’t only to publish a visual tour […]

  • Photographers on Photographers: Cassandra Klos in Conversation with Linda Connor – LENSCRATCH Like so many of us in the Photographers on Photographers series, I was first introduced to my interviewee, Linda Connor, while studying at school; the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to be exact. Her name kept reappearing in my critiques, as I was troubleshooting how to shoot star trails with my […]

  • Photographers on Photographers: Joel Jimenez Jara in Conversation with Alec Soth – LENSCRATCH I learned about Alec Soth’s work right when I was starting my sophomore year in college when I was studying photography. A professor showed me his work for the first time through a photobook (A small version of Sleeping by the Mississippi contained inside the Gathered Leaves compilation).

  • Eric Mencher: From Photojournalist to Master iPhone Street Photographer | PetaPixel Few street photographers and photojournalists have over 95,000 Instagram followers, shoot 100% on their iPhone, and have a World Press Photo prize. Eric Mencher is one of them.

  • Kink, Protest, and Bearing Witness: A Conversation with Catherine Opie | AnOther The American art photographer speaks to Amelia Abraham about her new book, “no kink at Pride”, and her latest work

  • Mike Brodie’s Pictures of the Fascinating, Fleeting Train Rider Subculture | AnOther “I’m fascinated by death and I’m fascinated by reality and not just for shock’s sake. It’s just part of our life. To this day it still haunts me and I always wish I just would have run back and photographed the body. I know it’s morbid but it’s life” – Mike Brodie

  • Photographing the 10 Year Anniversary of Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Accident – PhotoShelter Blog

    Photographing the 10 Year Anniversary of Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Accident Photojournalist and Founder of @everydayclimatechange James Whitlow Delano has lived and worked in Tokyo for decades, and has covered the disaster, its aftermath, and the glacially slow rebuild. For the 10th anniversary of the tragic event, Delano created a haunting photo and video package for […]

  • Nat Geo’s Editor-in-Chief Answers Her 7 Most-Asked Photography Questions Today, when everyone has a camera with them 24/7 (their phones), anyone can get lucky and make one great picture. We are looking for those photographers who can really craft a story: develop a unique idea, engage in the research, make compelling images, and build a powerful narrative across a series of photographs. We […]