Hunting the Con Queen of Hollywood | Hollywood Reporter

Hunting the Con Queen of Hollywood | Hollywood Reporter He was a freelance documentary photographer, 27 and eager, but not inexperienced. He’d worked in conflict zones for several prestige newspapers and magazines and shot ad campaigns for corporate clients. One day in late 2017, he opened his email to find an unusual message. The first […]

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Submitted Links, July 17, 2011

Deep Fried Pizza, by Giulio Saggin Steve Butcher is young, Australian and living in Scotland. He is a tabloid photographer. He is also disillusioned. His life isn’t one of Page 3 Girls and celebrities. Instead, his morals and ethics are compromised every day. Thankfully, his life also revolves around beer, football, cable TV and, occasionally, […]

Submitted Links, July 10, 2011

Link: Três16 | Fotografia Multimídia  “Inconscience” (french for “Unconsciousness”) is a photographic project about sleepers in the world, that I started few years ago. I began to photograph sleepers that I came accross during my travels. I saw in them so much poetry, but also questions about the world and the derailment of society. I ‘m […]

Submitted Links – July 3, 2011

The Empty Quarter Gallery cordially invites you to MEET RAWIYA @ MENASART FAIR 13th to 16th July RAWIYA is a photography collective founded by five female photographers from across the Middle East. RAWIYA presents an insider’s view of a region in flux balancing its contradictions while reflecting on social and political issues and stereotypes. RAWIYA, […]

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New thing here at The Click… Each week, on Sunday, I’ll post the best 25 links submitted to The Click by e-mail. Send in links to your blogs, websites, whatever. This is open to anyone. The e-mail address is Let’s see where this goes…

HBO: Big Love – A Juniper Creek Christmas

Another holiday soundtrack to fill your home with warmth, a free downloadable playlist from the ficitonal fundamentalist polygamists of HBO’s Big Love. Tracks include: We Three Wives Deck the Compound and, Silent Wife Listen and download your favorite compound classics Link: HBO: Big Love – A Juniper Creek Christmas