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In These Harlem Jazz Clubs, Musicians and Audience Became One – The New York Times

Twenty-odd years ago, Gerald Cyrus wandered into a Monday night jam session at St. Nick’s Pub, a jazz club in Harlem. There he found a very different scene from the one downtown, where he had spent years taking photographs at the Village Vanguard and other spots.

A Visual History of Rock and Roll, Room by Empty Room

Eastown Theater 728x375 1471639542

For the past decade, the photographer Rhona Bitner has been working on “LISTEN,” a “visual history of rock and roll” that includes pictures of three hundred and eighty-nine iconic music venues, shot in eighty-seven cities across twenty-six states

Saying Farewell to the Last Great Underground Music Venue in NYC

15 DeathByAudioBook TySegall EbruYildiz

Brooklyn-based photographer Ebru Yildiz emerged from Death by Audio and into the crisp night of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was the fall of 2014, and the waterfront DIY venue would shutter it’s doors come November 23, 2014, but until then, its most loyal bands would play each night to a room for 100 people filled past capacity.

Dan Ball’s Unseen, Intimate Photographs of Memphis’s Music Scene

Dan ball forgotten memphis photos 111 body image 1439916458

If you were in a band that played a show in one of Memphis’s many clubs since the 90s, or if you were one of the many locals who made those clubs their second home, or even if you just caught some music while passing through the city, you might have seen Dan Ball standing in the front row with his camera.

In Focus: Ebru Yildiz’s Final Days and Nights at Death by Audio

Ebruyildiz jeanettedmoses 4 of 6

Last fall when Ebru Yildiz learned that one of her favorite Brooklyn venues, Death by Audio, would be shuttering its doors documenting its final weeks was a no-brainer. “I just felt like I had to be there,” she says. “When I started taking photos I realized how big of a project it was going to be—I thought this has to be a book.”

‘Killer Angels’: Portraits of Death Metal Fans

Eat the Turnbuckle 3

Maybe it’s hard to believe but death metal fans are some of best people out there, or so says Baltimore photographer J.M. Giordano. He would know. For his latest project Killer Angels, the photojournalist attended over sixty death metal shows. His subjects however weren’t the bands, but the fans. “Honestly, I loved this project and the people. Metal fans are the best, most welcoming group I’ve met,” says Giordano.

Norman Seeff – The look of sound

Known for his portraits  of American artists, South African photographer Norman Seeff is releasing his first  monograph with the publisher Kehrer Verlag, and is the subject of an exhibition at the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim, Germany.

AF Diehards 01 jpg CROP original originalErin Feinberg photographs music fans in her book, Diehards.

Erin Feinberg began her career photographing concerts as a way of getting to see her favorite musicians up close and for free. But as digital photography got more popular, photo pits became overcrowded and restrictions for photographers at shows became overbearing

Zone 01Photographs from Paul Zone’s ‘Playground’ : The New Yorker

I would venture to guess that Paul Zone describes himself as a former rock star, but to me he’s something else—a rock-’n’-roll photographer, that increasingly rare breed whose energy and drive and discipline go into making pictures that reflect the highs of life on the New York stage

The Worst Demo Tape Compilation in the World – Ever

In the late 1980′s, my cousin gave me a cassette that instantly became an obsession of mine. It was a tape, compiled by a UK record company – and made purely for internal use – featuring the worst songs they’d ever been sent from the thousands of demo tapes they received each year.

Free Music, at Least While It Lasts

I hesitated when it came time to pony up and realized that, as just one more participant in the Something for Nothing economy, I’d grown accustomed to getting all sorts of lusciousness for the price of zero.

Link: photo-eye | BLOG: Book Review: Houston Rap

Rap is a window into life. Whether it is the life of the East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South or Houston, the music is speaking the language of the area, each in its own dialect. Houston rap is a melodic with slow rhymes. Peter Beste and Lance Scott Walker tell the story of the rise of rap music in Houston, Texas in riveting words and pictures. If you have a passing interesting in music or modern culture, owning Houston Rap is a necessity.

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