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A summer of 2018 review – Thoughts of a Bohemian

It’s not by lack of topics ( there are many). Nor is it by lack of interest. It’s just a lack of time. Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day and if something has to be sacrificed, unfortunately, it is this blog. However, the call is sometimes too strong to ignore so here is, briefly, ( in no particular order):

Bill Cunningham Was So Alive | The New Yorker

This essay is adapted from the preface to “Fashion Climbing,” a posthumous memoir by the New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, to be published in September, by Penguin.

Getty Images to be Fully Controlled by the Getty Family Once Again

The stock photo powerhouse Getty Images is now once again owned by the Getty family from which it received its name. The company announced that the family has acquired a majority stake in the company and will take full control.

Supply and Demand: Photography is Like Water

We all know the importance of photography, whether it’s journalism’s role in changing the world to a wonderful moment captured of someone’s special day. As photographers, we value our craft and the importance it has in our lives. But the market is valuing it less and less. Why is that? What is happening?

Photographers on Photographers: Paul Matzner on Niall McDiarmid | LENSCRATCH

Niall McDiarmid popped into my life on a Facebook feed one day in January, 2016. I have no idea how that happened, but since we are both photographers there must be some sort of internet alchemy at work. Niall does a lot of street portraits in Britain (he is based in London) and I do street photos in the USA.