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Pro Tips: What it Takes to Publish a Personal Photo Project – PhotoShelter Blog

In honor of World Photo Day, we asked editorial and commercial photographers Emanuel Hahn and Andrew Kung to share the story behind their audiovisual storytelling piece, The Mississippi Delta Chinese. Emanuel and Andrew recently stopped by our office to speak at one of our Third Thursdays* events, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get all their pro tips on camera. Watch the video for the story behind their project, what they learned along the way, plus advice on pitching to photo editors and getting published (in The New York Times!).

There’s Less to Portraits Than Meets the Eye, and More – The New York Times

Portraiture existed long before photography was invented. And for more than a dozen years after photography’s invention, it was practically impossible to make a photographic portrait: the required exposure times were too long. But the two eventually came together, and now their pairing seems so natural that it’s as though photography was invented for making portraits.

Photographers on Photographers: Emily Hamilton Laux on Richard Rothman | LENSCRATCH

I met Richard Rothman about four years ago, in a class he taught at the International Center of Photography on large format photography. His teaching, both the technical and cerebral aspects, deeply influenced the way I think about making pictures. After memorizing the zone system’s tricky math, and sitting for hours loading film in blacked-out closets, I realized I could push myself more technically. Richard’s class, especially the discussions of iconic 20th century work, helped me to become more deeply conscious about creating images that express my ideas while paying closer attention to formal considerations.

How to find your way as a self-starting photographer

As a photographer driven by intuition, MPB’s Ian Howorth has pursued a winding path – one that’s given him an eye for detail and an unconventional approach. Here, he shares some tips to navigate the world of photography.

Shutterbugs, Pixel Peepers and Others Who Annoy Me – Kenneth Jarecke – Medium

A picture that can accomplish this gets my attention. If it does that, I might drill a little deeper by thinking about the photographer’s thought process or motivation. I might wonder if I would have done better or worse in the same situation. I also might, depending on the image, try to figure out a technical detail or two. The thing I’ll never do is wonder what camera was used to make the picture.

We Need Perspective in Landscape Photography in the Instagram Age

A quick glance at Instagram hashtags reveals over 90 million photos tagged #landscape, around 50 million #sunrise photos and over 180 million tagged #sunset. There are 40 million #trees, nearly 90 million #clouds and about 190 million #beach photos.

From Errol Morris, a list of 10 things you should know about truth & photography

In 2011, writer and filmmaker Errol Morris summarized the main points in Believing Is Seeing, his book on the nature of truth, belief, and reality in photography with a series of tweets.

Photography Composition: The Definitive Guide – Beautiful Pictures

This article summarizes all my knowledge, experience and 6 months of work. I believe, anyone, newbie or pro, could find some new useful info inside of it. There are already hundreds of articles, dozens of guides. And some of them are really good. However, there was still a need for the comprehensive composition guide nicely presented and easy to follow. I did my best to keep it simple, concise and easy to understand with lots of goodies to download for future reference. Also, I keep it as short as possible with zero fluff for such a massive amount of material. Less talk, more practical info with examples, charts and graphs.

fovi8 volume #2 issue #7 – Jonesblog

fovi8 volume 2, issue 7 is now released and printed.  This is our new issue and something that you can hold in your hand, with a beautiful cover by keithj, and 28 of the best photographs uploaded in the month of June, 2018. Other contributing Photographers: Nashgraphy, Trent, GDSimpson, Cathy Wilson, chuq, joelaron, BWJones, esined, addyz, drew, Ollie Zambrano, fotoski, Franek, elena, jasehill, and lolo.

Wim Wenders: Phones Have Made Photography ‘More Dead Than Ever’

Renowned German photographer and filmmaker Wim Wenders thinks that photography “is more dead than ever” and that smartphones are to blame for the art form’s demise. In this 1.5-minute video produced by BBC News, Wenders stops at an exhibition of his Polaroid photos to share some of his thoughts on the current landscape of photography.

Wim Wenders: Phones Have Made Photography ‘More Dead Than Ever’

Renowned German photographer and filmmaker Wim Wenders thinks that photography “is more dead than ever” and that smartphones are to blame for the art form’s demise. In this 1.5-minute video produced by BBC News, Wenders stops at an exhibition of his Polaroid photos to share some of his thoughts on the current landscape of photography.

#DiversifyTheLens: Why Your Brand Should Hire More Female Photographers | A Photo Editor

The current boom of female-first initiatives is transforming the creative industry, providing opportunities for women to find mentorship, addressing discrepancies in pay, and helping women rally together to drive new policies and practices. Actions such as the 3 Percent Movement, 50/50 Initiative and #TimesUpAdvertising have thrust these issues into the spotlight and gained significant attention and traction.

Photographer Outs Herself as Mystery Donor of $5.5M to Female Artists

In 1996, a mysterious program called Anonymous Was a Woman began giving $25,000 with no questions asked to 10 underrecognized female artists over the age of 40. Now, 22 years and $5.5 million later, the anonymous benefactor behind the program has finally stepped forward: she’s 77-year-old photographer Susan Unterberg.

Think All the Photos on Instagram Look the Same? So Does She. – PhotoShelter Blog

In reaction to the trend, the @insta_repeat account was created. The account is the brainchild of a 27-year old female filmmaker and an artist living in Anchorage, Alaska who has opted to remain anonymous. Her account has featured some of the biggest influencer names and her stated purpose is to “critique originality in media creation.”

92-Year-Old Photographer Loses 65-Year-Old Photo Business to Tornado

An EF-3 tornado ripped through Marshalltown, Iowa, last Thursday, and one of the victims of the disaster was a 92-year-old photographer named Harold Cline. After seeking shelter from the storm, Cline returned to his work to find that his 65-year-old business had been destroyed.

Is photography stuck in a constantly repeating loop?

The ability to create photographic images has never been more available to the global population; its acceptance as an art form never more obvious in our museums, galleries, magazines and homes. Where once battles were held to place photographs on gallery walls, today blockbuster exhibitions featuring the work of Andreas Gursky, Richard Avedon and William Klein amongst so many others fill the gallery spaces and coffers. Things have changed, that’s for sure, in how we are shown and sold photography.

Is National Geographic Fine Art a Ripoff for Photographers?

I was surprised to learn the photographer only gets 5% of the total sale price. Artists in galleries commonly receive 40% to 50% of the sale price. Most US states where the prints are sold will earn more than the photographer in sales tax.

Take a Photo Here – The New York Times

We carry the cameras built into our phones around all the time, and the resulting flood of images says something about what people, in the aggregate, like to photograph. There are sunsets, meals, selfies, babies, dogs from dog people, cats by cat persons. There are distinctly contemporary ways of taking pictures at a party or of photographing landscapes. Originality, always hard to come by, is getting harder.

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