Love's Labors: Osamu James Nakagawa: Kai: Following the Cycle of Life - LENSCRATCH

Love’s Labors: Labor is often described as being of the body, and economists have spent centuries calculating formulas to explain its value.  But there is a lacuna in all of these calculations, the invisible and the ephemeral—love. How do we calculate the

Osamu James Nakagawa transforms image making into a ritual, participating in the cyclical experience of life and death. He becomes a bridge between generations, using a visual language to reunite his ancestors with his daughter. In this way, he outlines the meaning of his own life while acknowledging its passing—he is never more than a shadow while his family is rendered in careful hues, lines, and shapes. Kai I and II is an ongoing series that began at the intersection of his father’s death and daughter’s birth. Eventually, he photographed the death of his mother as well. Dying is not easy. Nor is growing up or growing old. As his mother lay dying, he photographed her last breath—the exchange was a gift: her last labor and his love.

Jacob Ehrbahn: On the Roads of Exile

Jacob Ehrbahn spent five years traveling the roads of exile. From 2015 to 2020, the photographer followed migrants who came to Europe in search of the European dream. A combination of hope, misery and disillusion, the book A Dream of Europe is a powerful

Jared Ragland: What Has Been Will Be Again - LENSCRATCH

Projects featured this week were selected from our most recent call-for-submissions. I was able to interview each of these artists to gain further insight into the bodies of work they shared. Today, we are looking at the series What Has Been Will Be Again

Jared Ragland is a fine art and documentary photographer and former White House photo editor. His collaborative, socially-conscious art practice critically explores the identity and history of place through social science, literary, and historical research methodologies.

Opinion | A Newsroom, on Pause

From the shadows, the newsroom beckons, ready to come alive again.

I first met Kathy Ryan a few years ago when I needed a new picture of myself for The Times. We met on an autumn afternoon in the New York office that’s been headquarters since 2007.

Tel Aviv Express | By Alexander Bronfer

Tel Aviv Express By Alexander Bronfer “Tel Aviv express” was filmed during my evening walks in the Tel Aviv and Negev desert area. Of course, these places are completely different from …

“Tel Aviv express” was filmed during my evening walks in the Tel Aviv and Negev desert area. Of course, these places are completely different from each other, but for me they complement each other and I like to drive to the desert after noisy Tel Aviv just to stay alone for a while and come back home. That’s why I called it Tel Aviv express. They are two different worlds, two planets which always attract each other in my soul. In that series I tried to express my personal feelings during those late walks.