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Ilse Bing : The Queen of the Leica

“I didn’t choose photography; it chose me,” said Ilse Bing (American, born Germany, 1899–1998). Bing was just a snapshooter until forced to hone her photographic skills to produce illustrations for her doctoral dissertation at the University of Frankfurt on an 18th-century architect. Then in 1929, on a university field trip, the 30-year-old art historian saw for the first time a painting by Vincent van Gogh. She instantly decided to become an artist—but not a painter. Photography “was the trend of the time,” she recalled later. And the newest trend in photography was the Leica, a small, lightweight German camera.


Trump Revolution: Immigration – British Journal of Photography

Featuring work by eight artists, and a new project from Magnum Photos, the first in a series of exhibitions at the Bronx Documentary Center examines America’s political transformation since Trump’s regressive immigration policies

Men through Women’s Eyes – The Leica camera Blog

Four photographers, one men’s luxury fashion show in Milan, a big subject – as part of a collaboration between the Italian fashion house Zegna and Leica, female photographers were selected to deal with the subject of Men through Women’s Eyes. The four women, Queenie Cheen, Roselena Ramistella, Hélène Pambrun and Veronique de Viguerie, were behind the scene at the big event; their pictures take the viewers on a trip into a world to which they would normally have no access. We spoke with them about modern men, art and, of course, photography.


Akinbode Akinbiyi : Six Songs, Swirling Gracefully in the Taut Air

The 2020 exhibition programme at the Gropius Bau begins with Six Songs, Swirling Gracefully in the Taut Air, a photography exhibition showcasing works from various long-term series composed by Berlin-based Nigerian photographer Akinbode Akinbiyi over four decades. This exhibition explores Akinbiyi’s approach as a wanderer and mediator between the hemispheres, ceaselessly documenting and walking across coastlines and cities such as Lagos, Berlin, Johannesburg, Bamako, Athens, Chicago, Dakar and Khartoum. The city is his studio and people’s daily rituals become recurring manifestations before his camera. This exhibition highlights his unique relation to medium format photography and use of the twin-lens reflex camera in communicating the soul of inhabited landscapes. Taken from hundreds of photographs that comprise these durational projects and form the artist’s personal archive, a special selection will be brought together at the Gropius Bau, marking his first major solo exhibition in Germany after his participation at documenta 14 in Kassel and Athens.