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Billboard Uses Tire Screeching Sounds to Photograph Terrified Jaywalkers

An unusual billboard was recently set up at a crosswalk in France to promote pedestrian safety. Whenever a pedestrian was detected crossing while the “red man” light was on, the billboard would emit a loud tire screeching sound. A camera built into the billboard would then capture the terrified face of the jaywalker.

The Age of Drone Vandalism Begins With an Epic NYC Tag

Dronetag 582x403

KATSU, a well-known graffiti artist and vandal, used a hacked Phantom drone to paint a giant red scribble across Kendall Jenner’s face on one of New York City’s largest and most viewed billboards. By all accounts, it is the first time that a drone has been deployed for a major act of public vandalism

Link: Nimrod Visits the Sartorialist | Shorties | VICE

VICE’s resident gadfly Nimrod Kamer went to London to mess with the Sartorialist, aka fashion blogger Scott Schuman. For some reason, Scott wasn’t so psyched about the idea of Nimrod following him home after his book signing.

Lost pigeon
Link: L E N S C R A T C H:

Happy April Fool’s Day….I think we are taking ourselves too seriously these days…and I think a little irreverant mischief might be just what is needed in our depressed economy and changing times…ALWAYS love the work of David Shrigley and Jan von Holleben, and you might consider using them for inspiration…


Laughing Squid

The Extraordinary Catalog of Peculiar Inventions is a book of pranking devices by New Yorker cartoonist and freelance illustrator Julia Suits.

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