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In the Bears Ears region of Southeastern Utah, there is an area of winding canyons known by Navajo people as Nahoniti’ino – or the hiding place. American Indians used the landscape to elude U.S. military troops in 1864, as thousands were being marched by gunpoint down to Fort Sumner in New Mexico. Hundreds died from hunger and exhaustion in what became known as the Long Walk, a brutal chapter that five tribes highlight in a lawsuit they recently filed against President Donald Trump.


Lilian Caruana, Exotic “tribe” – The Eye of Photography

These photographs of the punks and skinheads of New York's East Village were made between 1984-1987.  There is, in most people, an inclination to be put off by the outrageous styles and symbol's that characterize this subculture's rebellion, and for that reason I chose to photograph them in a series of intimate portraits, which were taken in their homes and on the streets where some of them lived as well as in the clubs where they performed their music.


Antonio Amato, Genova’s punk scene in the 80’s – The Eye of Photography

Genova 1981-1983 is the first monograph by Italian photographer Antonio Amato. More than hundred images guide us through the Genoa punk scene of those years, telling about the attitude, habits and gestures of the people who were part of and created the scene.