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Punk Music, Bronx Style – The New York Times

Who knew the Bronx had punks? This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since several musical genres were born in the borough, starting with doo-wop in the 1950s, salsa in the ’60s and hip-hop in the ’70s. Now Roy Baizan has discovered another scene.

Lilian Caruana, Exotic “tribe” – The Eye of Photography

These photographs of the punks and skinheads of New York’s East Village were made between 1984-1987.  There is, in most people, an inclination to be put off by the outrageous styles and symbol’s that characterize this subculture’s rebellion, and for that reason I chose to photograph them in a series of intimate portraits, which were taken in their homes and on the streets where some of them lived as well as in the clubs where they performed their music.

These photos show the punk scene in San Francisco in the 1970s – The Washington Post

Jim Jocoy became a student at the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1976, at the threshold of the San Francisco punk scene. It took only one year for him to become entranced by the scene, which included bands like the hardcore punk Dead Kennedys. Jocoy dropped out of school to spend his nights taking photographs that documented a completely different subculture in the city, the Summer of Love just a decade behind it.

Bay of punks: remembering when punk rock invaded San Francisco | Music | The Guardian

n early 1979, photographer Jim Jocoy attended an auction at the Peoples Temple in San Francisco. More than 900 of its worshipers had died in a mass suicide-murder which came to be known as the Jonestown massacre, led to their deaths by activist-turned-doomsday cultist Jim Jones. When Jocoy saw some of the followers’ left-behind luggage, he saw a symbol of Jones’ “hollow, empty promise”, and took a picture. “Jonestown, the assassinations – they worked into the fabric of San Francisco, and unraveled its tapestry,” Jocoy says. “It was quite gloomy, that summer of hate, and punk was the soundtrack.”

Antonio Amato, Genova’s punk scene in the 80’s – The Eye of Photography

Genova 1981-1983 is the first monograph by Italian photographer Antonio Amato. More than hundred images guide us through the Genoa punk scene of those years, telling about the attitude, habits and gestures of the people who were part of and created the scene.

Iconic Photos from San Francisco’s 70s Punk Scene

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the Bay Area photographer is sharing a collection of images of San Francisco’s punk scene in the 1970s he took while in grad school. The energy Jang captures within his subjects mirrors the blaring music that accompanied the scenes his photos depict

riot fest


Riot Fest hit Denver this weekend with a lineup of 80 bands over three days of craziness. LOCK + LAND was there to document the debauchery. Clad in leather studded jackets, Misfit t-shirts, and mohawks for days, the crowd looked ready to riot, but really for as big as this event was, it was pretty mellow and awesome. It’s the thing about summer festivals…they’re loaded with tons of amazing bands, but you’re running around like crazy just trying to hit every one and stay hydrated. Even for three songs.

Watch This: Photographer Michael Jang Shows Off His Sweet San Francisco Home Studio

The most recent episode from the “Artist Cribs” series features photographer Michael Jang’s sweet San Francisco home. As Jang walks through his place, he takes time to show off images from his archives, his cameras, and what looks like an incredible home darkroom. He also shared anecdotes about the work—like crashing a poetry event to get a portrait of William S. Burroughs.

Photos That Prove Punk Didn’t Die in the 80s

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Still Screaming is a traveling photography exhibition curated by Mark Beemer that documents the history of punk from the late 80s and onward. The show has already begun its run in Philadelphia at Arch Enemy Arts and will soon go on to DC, New York, LA, Detroit, Oakland, and Seattle

The Radical British Musicians Who Fought Racism With Rock

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Rock Against Racism would be a turning point in British cultural, political and social history. The social movement helped put an end to an alarming ascendance of ultranationalism among white youth and articulated a new generational consciousness that transcended class and race boundaries.

“PUNK” @ Michael Hoppen Gallery

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The Michael Hoppen Gallery in conjunction with REX SHUTTERSTOCK is delighted to present PUNK, an exhibition of vintage press prints that document the rise of punk culture in 1970s Britain. Many of the prints included are suitably distressed, with an object quality and intensity that encapsulates the movement.

Sex, Drugs, and Punk Rock: Confessions of a 1980s Girl

4 Love Belly Huntington Beach California 2011

In 1985, a teenage girl in Orange County ran away from home. She stayed away for one night and came back to her mother, who gave her a camera “as a coming home present.” Thirty years later, that young woman has grown to become photographer Deanna Templeton, but the camera continues to be the thread that ties her to her past as a passionate, punk-loving adolescent from suburbia.

Back in the Punk Days, When CBGB Was the Place to Be

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When David Godlis was shooting off-kilter, kinetic photos of bands like Television, Talking Heads and Blondie, he had a sense that the scene unfolding in the Bowery club CBGB was important. But no less vital than the sound being made was the punk aesthetic — urgent and gritty — that Mr. Godlis was helping define.

Punk Ass Motherf**kers

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Iconic images of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and more punk rock legends, untangled by photographer Glen E. Friedman

Bold Portraits Document Skinhead Culture in the UK

010 Jamie Brighton

Energy and passion are two forces that photographer Owen Harvey always strives for in his images. For years now, he’s been documenting youth and subcultures across the UK. Drawn in by their vibrancy and taste, Harvey has found it easy to integrate with these groups, enabling him to develop the intimacy that he’s so well achieved in these shots. Almost as a natural lead-on from his previous series Mod UK, Harvey has shifted the focus onto what he refers to as the Mod’s tougher older brothers, the Skinheads, who form the basis of his new ongoing project Skins.