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These videos come from YouTube. They were uploaded in the last week and have titles like DSC 1234 and IMG 4321. They have almost zero previous views. They are unnamed, unedited, and unseen (by anyone but you).

Listen to Martin Parr and Bruce Gilden Talk Photography |

In “Sofa Sessions,” a new video series from the Martin Parr Foundation, you get a chance to see just that. In the latest installment, Parr sits down for a chat with street photographer Bruce Gilden. The two discuss Gilden’s background. thoughts on photography today and a lot more.

Juxtapoz Magazine – Legends of Skateboarding: San Francisco’s Finest With Iconic Skate Photographer Joe Brook

Ilford Photo just released their second short film with Exploredinary as part of their three-part series: Legends of Skateboarding. This episode focuses in on our very own Joe Brook, who works for our sister magazine Thrasher. The episode is filmed in our home city of San Francisco, where Joe has been capturing the best of skateboarding for over 20 years, driving around the city and country in his trusty van “Big Blue.” Check it out!

Watch 20 Talks Photographers Gave at B&H Optic 2018

B&H held its Optic 2018 conference and trade show for outdoor and travel photography earlier this month, and now you can watch 20 of the talks given by top photographers over the course of the four days.

Stephen Shore on How to See

Throughout his decades-spanning career, Shore has left an indelible mark on photography and fine art. To celebrate his exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern art, Shore takes you on a guided tour through the Met, highlighting some of the thinking behind his most important work.

PDN Video: Damon Pablo Escudero Talks about Street Photography | PDNPulse

In this video, Escudero explains the feeling he’s after when he’s shooting on the streets—mostly in New York City— with his Leica M6. He also describes two of his favorite images. For our full interview with Escudero, see “What’s Your Niche: Street Photographer Damon Pablo Escudero.”

David Katz, A Top Photographer Who Was Secretly Legally Blind

Here’s a 15-minute video featuring the internationally acclaimed sports photographer David Katz, a man who was diagnosed as being legally blind when he was just 3 months old.

How the NYT used video forensics to tell ‘the most complete’ story of the Las Vegas shootings | Poynter

To augment the shifting storyline provided by law enforcement and shed light on unanswered questions, the New York Times combined available evidence to create an independent timeline of a shooting that killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more. The video, built with eyewitness footage, police and fire scanner audio, police bodycam footage and other known facts, provides what it says is “perhaps the most complete picture to date of what happened.”

War Photographer Giles Duley Tells the Story of War’s Long-Term Impact

Giles Duley, one of the world’s leading documentary and humanitarian photographers, is working on a new project titled Legacy of War. Learn what he thinks it means to tell a story in this inspiring 7-minute interview as part of Ilford Photo‘s new “Ilford Inspires” video series.

How Pulitzer Photojournalists Capture Iconic Moments

If you’d like a dose of photography inspiration, spend 8 minutes watching this video. It’s a story that just aired on CBS Sunday Morning titled “Capturing the Moment,” and it looks into whether people can be taught to create a great photograph.

The secret cost of pivoting to video – Columbia Journalism Review

Hundreds of journalists have lost their jobs while shiny-object-chasing publishers are no closer to creating cohesive video strategies to replace the traffic those writers were producing. Publishers who pivoted to video have forfeited the majority of their hard-won native audiences in only a year of churning out undifferentiated, bland chunks of largely aggregated “snackable” video. That’s no one’s idea of success

PDN Video: Photographer Oriana Koren on Breaking Barriers to Success | PDNPulse

Oriana Koren shares tips and advice on how to make it as an editorial photographer, gleaned from her experience as a woman of color in a predominantly white male business. In our video interview, she describes how she leveraged prejudice to motivate herself, learned how to pitch stories to get editors to respond to her emails, and developed a niche that has propelled her career. She talks about portfolio reviews and self-doubt with words of encouragement every photographer will appreciate.

AWAKEN – Tom Lowe’s new feature doc showcases mindblowing new timelapse techniques – Newsshooter

Tom Lowe has been very busy over the last five years filming his new project “AWAKEN.” The film, which is a celebration of the spirit of life, an exploration of the Earth, and an ode to the Cosmos, was filmed in more than than 30 countries.

Meet a Photographer Whose Camera is Focused on President Trump

Andrew Harnik is a photographer for the Associated Press who’s one of the people responsible for covering the President of the United States. In this 5.5-minute episode of Format’s InFrame documentary series, we get an insight into Harnik’s life behind a lens trained on President Trump.

5 Inspiring Videos Featuring Canon’s ‘Explorers of Light’ Photographers

Canon have added 5 new videos to their Explorers of Light showcase series, in which members of their pro team discuss their careers and their passion for photography.

Duterte’s War on Drugs Through a Local Photographer’s Eyes

“When a President Says ‘I’ll Kill You’” is a Times documentary on the deadly crusade led by President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines that he has called “a war on drugs.” The film features Raffy Lerma, a photojournalist for The Philippine Daily Inquirer who has tirelessly worked to tell the story of the the killings. Andrew Glazer, a senior video producer for The Times, recounts some of his experiences making the documentary.

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