WATCH: Why Luck is a State of Mind with Deanne Fitzmaurice - PhotoShelter Blog

“I find that showing up and expecting that the universe will deliver, actually paves the way for it to do so. You need patience because often it takes time.” Deanne Fitzmaurice For Deanne Fitzmaurice, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Think Tank Photo

We sat down with Deanne to walk through a wide range of personal and freelance projects to outline what makes a memorable photograph and how to use the art of storytelling to make an impact. With the right mindset, anyone can leave their mark.

WATCH: Ami Vitale on Using Photography to Effect Change - PhotoShelter Blog

For Ami Vitale, courage has been at the core of her career in the photo industry – courage to get out there, learn and grow as a photographer, and courage to tell important stories that can make a real impact on our planet. We sat down with Ami, National

We sat down with Ami, National Geographic photographer and Nikon Ambassador, to see how she uses visual storytelling to raise awareness for the animals and communities she photographs.

WATCH: Visual Storytelling Masterclass with Caroline Gutman - PhotoShelter Blog

When it comes to visual storytelling, there are several key components to keep in mind to ensure you and your images make the most impact. Last week we sat down with Philly-based photojournalist Caroline Gutman for a visual storytelling masterclass. She s

Last week we sat down with Philly-based photojournalist Caroline Gutman for a visual storytelling masterclass. She shared a bit of her personal story and outlined why light, composition, moment and emotion make the perfect recipe for a successful image.

Nominees - Vimeo Festival & Awards

Celebrating the year’s best videos with workshops, panels and our first-ever, virtual award show. January 14th, 2021

Filmmakers, artists, and icons help us select our Best Of The Year winners. See the complete list of nominees in each category.

#LeicaConversations - Learning to See with Stella Johnson

Recorded - August 20, 2020 From AL SOL to ZOI and back to Boston, Stella Johnson has been seeing, investigating and reflecting culture, community and family ...

From AL SOL to ZOI and back to Boston, Stella Johnson has been seeing, investigating and reflecting culture, community and family over the last forty years. She will talk about her process in crafting an image that brings the viewer to look again and again. Stella will also discuss how and why she has developed lifelong relationships with the people she photographs, and what that means to the photographic narrative. Learning to see requires perseverance, patience, preparation, and knowing what to look for when you encounter those unexpected moments.

Robin Hammond on the insider and outsider - Inside Imaging

Australian journalist, Alison Stieven-Taylor, publisher of popular blog Photojournalism Now, has launched a new monthly video series in which she interviews leading documentary photographers. The…

The series, Photojournalism Now: In Conversation, kicks off with a 22-minute discussion with Robin Hammond, an award-winning New Zealand documentary photographer and human rights activist. Hammond is represented by Panos Pictures, has won a World Press Photo prize, is a W.Eugene Smith Fund recipient, and exhibited work across the world.

Chatting the Pictures: Unique Portraits from the George Floyd Protests - Reading The Pictures

In this week's Chatting the Pictures, educator John Mason joins us to discuss key portraits from the protests following the killing of George Floyd.

Every two weeks, Michael Shaw and Cara Finnegan discuss recent news photos on our “Chatting the Pictures” webcast. In the latest episode, we are joined by educator and writer John Edwin Mason. In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, the media and social media have been filled with powerful and disturbing protest photos. We focused on some different kinds of images from this historic moment. Specifically, these pictures deal with the protests and self-representation, and the racial divide in public space.

WATCH: iPhone vs. DSLR Photography with Jim Richardson - PhotoShelter Blog

When it comes to cameras, National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson has been around the block. With a career spanning decades,  Jim has seen the rise and fall of various camera trends — from black and white film to kodachrome, and now the rise of th

Last Friday, we sat down with Jim to discuss the future of photography, the technological advances of mobile cameras, and the strengths and weaknesses of DSLR vs iPhone photography.

A Portrait of America That Still Haunts, Decades Later

How, in a single photograph, Robert Frank captured the ongoing story of a divided nation.

Robert Frank chose this image for the cover of his eye-opening book of 83 photographs, “The Americans,” published in 1959. He had crossed America by car, seeing it as an outsider, a Swiss who left Zurich in 1947 in search of broader horizons.

Leica Talk – Dr. Andreas Kaufmann and Anthony Suau – YouTube

Anthony Suau, Pulitzer Prize winner and recipient of the World Press Photo of the Year award, has spent decades documenting crisis and conflict zones worldwide. What ideas does he currently focus on, and which projects does he have planned for the future? Leica visionary Dr. Andreas Kaufmann found out more about what drives the American photographer’s work. SHOW LESS

WATCH: Q&A with Joe McNally About His Documentary "Watching the Earth Melt Away" - PhotoShelter Blog

Last week, award-winning photographer Joe McNally walked us through the creation of his powerful documentary, Watching the Earth Melt Away. After traveling to Cooper Island, Alaska on assignment in 2001, Joe quickly befriended George Divoky, a research sc

In this webinar, Joe talks about some of the most meaningful photos captured during his trips to Cooper Island and what it was like to come back and photograph the same location 18 years later.