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AWAKEN – Tom Lowe’s new feature doc showcases mindblowing new timelapse techniques – Newsshooter

Tom Lowe has been very busy over the last five years filming his new project “AWAKEN.” The film, which is a celebration of the spirit of life, an exploration of the Earth, and an ode to the Cosmos, was filmed in more than than 30 countries.

Meet a Photographer Whose Camera is Focused on President Trump

Andrew Harnik is a photographer for the Associated Press who’s one of the people responsible for covering the President of the United States. In this 5.5-minute episode of Format’s InFrame documentary series, we get an insight into Harnik’s life behind a lens trained on President Trump.

5 Inspiring Videos Featuring Canon’s ‘Explorers of Light’ Photographers

Canon have added 5 new videos to their Explorers of Light showcase series, in which members of their pro team discuss their careers and their passion for photography.

Duterte’s War on Drugs Through a Local Photographer’s Eyes

“When a President Says ‘I’ll Kill You’” is a Times documentary on the deadly crusade led by President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines that he has called “a war on drugs.” The film features Raffy Lerma, a photojournalist for The Philippine Daily Inquirer who has tirelessly worked to tell the story of the the killings. Andrew Glazer, a senior video producer for The Times, recounts some of his experiences making the documentary.

Meeting ‘the Other’ Face to Face

But when I stand, I quickly find myself in a featureless all-white room, a kind of Platonic vestibule. On the walls at either end are striking poster-size black-and-white portraits taken by the noted Belgian-Tunisian photographer Karim Ben Khelifa, one showing a young Israeli soldier and another a Palestinian fighter about the same age, whose face is almost completely hidden by a black hood.

Artist Took a Selfie Every Hour for an Entire Year

In 1980 Teching Hsieh, who is known for his long-term performances and immersive projects, took a self-portrait every hour on the hour for an entire year. This short film by Versus captures the essence of Hsieh’s One Year Performance 1980–1981 (Time Clock Piece).

Just a background melody

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What the New York Times did ( and continues to do) is use Facebook Live to show all the images from the Olympics as they are coming in from Reuters, Getty, AP, EPA and AFP. One after the other, with no captions and just credits. And since wire services move very fast, those pictures are just a few minutes old

Strategies for Sensitive Visual Storytelling Panel

This special panel moderated by ViewFind’s Lead Photo Editor Andrea Wise explores some of the delicate issues that arise when making bodies of work on sensitive topics. The panel consists of NYC-based ViewFind contributors including Dorie Hagler, Michael Santiago, Jonah Markowitz, and Radcliffe (Ruddy) Roy.