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The WIRED Guide to Digital Security | WIRED

IN AN AGE of nonstop breaches and hacks, getting a handle on your own digital security matters more than ever. But everyone has their own threat model—a set of concerns unique to themselves. The average smartphone user doesn’t need to know what a Faraday cage is; an NSA contractor probably already has a good grasp of security basics. (Or … do they?) In this guide, we’ve included a few ways to improve your online security posture based on those different levels of risk. These won’t prevent the next megabreach or banish ransomware from the earth. They’re not all-encompassing. But they’ll help get you in the mindset of the types of steps you should be taking based on your particular situation. And they’ll help ensure that the next time you read one of those paralyzing headlines, it doesn’t apply to you.

“I want to mourn him but I can’t”: the missing photojournalist and the battle to find him | Prospect Magazine

It’s more than three years since Kamaran Najm was captured in Iraq. Now his friends have lifted the media blackout

Opinion: Killing Net Neutrality is Bad for Pro Creators and Growing Businesses

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is driving forward a vote to kill net neutrality, scheduled to happen next week on December 14th. We’re adding our voice in opposition to this potentially devastating decision. Maintaining net neutrality is vital to emerging tech companies like PhotoShelter, and it’s also vital to independent creative businesses like the pro photographers we serve.

Trump and Russia Seem to Find Common Foe: The American Press – The New York Times

Mr. Trump has denied any collusion by his campaign with Russian officials, and he has denied that his White House gives preferential treatment to Mr. Putin.

His tweet about CNN International, however, was roundly condemned by journalists and political figures from both parties.

The strange case of Facebook censoring people protesting a corrupt government | dorinlază

The strangest thing happened yesterday, during the biggest mass protests against the corrupt government in Romania. One of the most well known online personalities, a prolific local vlogger, Marian Ionescu, has seen his Facebook account reported for spamming, and was unable to post on his profile, to tell his friends about his participation to the protests.

John Cantlie: plea for release of British Isis hostage five years after kidnap | World news | The Guardian

Media rights watchdog Reporters Without Borders has called for renewed efforts to secure the release of British photojournalist John Cantlie held by the Islamic State group on the fifth anniversary of his kidnapping.

St. Louis Police Ordered to Reaffirm Journalist Rights Once a Month

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Interim Police Chief Lawrence O’Toole made the announcement this week after a number of photojournalists and reporters were arrested in September and October. The journalists were covering protests sparked by former police officer Jason Stockley being found not guilty of murder for his 2011 fatal shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith.

My passport is ‘unlucky’ – Witness

Photography as an expressive and subjective media operates for me in a way that is similar to Anne Frank’s diary; it’s a special tool that allows me to make sense of the world around me. Photography allows me to share personal glimpses into the nightmarish conflict in Yemen—where I grew up and still call home—in which my documentary practice has been shaped. As a Yemeni, I have always wondered how such a small piece of paper like a passport can define a person? How does a legal document shape us? How does it control us? Why in some airports should I be held aside for another round of security screening just because my passport says Yemen?

Journalist Swept Up in Inauguration Day Arrests Faces Trial – The New York Times

On Jan. 20, the day Donald J. Trump was being sworn in as president in front of the Capitol, a limousine was set on fire and storefront windows were smashed nearby. Officers in riot gear from the Washington Metropolitan Police moved in and arrested 230 people — including nine journalists — at the protests, which were organized in part by an activist group called Disrupt J20.

Photographer Kamaran Najm’s Friends Break Silence on His 2014 Kidnapping | PDNPulse

Three years after photojournalist Kamaran Najm, co-founder of the Iraqi photo agency Metrography, was kidnapped in Iraq, his friends and colleagues have ended their media blackout and released information on his disappearance. Kamaran was abducted by ISIS militants on June 12, 2014, shortly after he was wounded while covering the fighting between ISIS and Kurdish forces near Mullah Abdullah, Iraq. Initial reports by AFP said Najm had been killed. According to Sebastian Meyer, co-founder of Metrography, which is based in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, Najm made a call on June 13 using his kidnappers’ phone. He said he had been taken to the city of Hawija.

NYTimes Photog Tweets Blank Photo to Protest White House Pool Blackout

“This what our APEC Summit photo coverage looks today in Da Nang Vietnam,” writes New York Times photojournalist Doug Mills in the Tweet. “Blank. No coverage by the White House Travel Pool photographers traveling with [Trump].”

Photojournalist Shawkan turns 30 facing death behind bars in Egypt – France 24

As photojournalist Mahmoud Abou Zeid, known as “Shawkan”, prepares to mark his 30th birthday behind bars on Thursday, Katia Roux of Amnesty International tells FRANCE 24 that Shawkan’s health is deteriorating and called for his unconditional release.

Photog Terry Richardson Banned by Conde Nast, According to Leaked Email | PDNPulse

Conde Nast magazines have blacklisted photographer Terry Richardson because of numerous allegations he sexually assaulted and harassed models and stylists, according to a report in The Telegraph. The newspaper reports that an email circulated to Conde Nast magazines says the publishing company “would like to no longer work with the photographer.” In addition, any shoots planned with Richardson or any unpublished stories he shot should be “killed or substituted with other material.”

US Urging Airlines to Ban Cameras in Checked Bags

If the ban goes into effect for international flights around the world, it could cause issues for photographers who need to transport large amounts of camera equipment in checked baggage. One possible solution, however, might be to separate your lithium-ion batteries from your cameras and equipment and bring them into the cabin with you in carry-on baggage.

Mexican Photojournalist Found Dead After Kidnapping

The government’s Mechanism to Protect Journalists and Rights Activists called for an “immediate and effective investigation” into the killing of Edgar Daniel Esqueda Castro, 23, who was reportedly kidnapped Thursday by gunmen posing as police officers in the city of San Luis Potosi.

EFF to Court: The First Amendment Protects the Right to Record First Responders | Electronic Frontier Foundation

The First Amendment protects the right of members of the public to record first responders addressing medical emergencies, EFF argued in an amicus brief filed in the federal trial court for the Northern District of Texas. The case, Adelman v. DART, concerns the arrest of a Dallas freelance press photographer for criminal trespass after he took photos of a man receiving emergency treatment in a public area.

Facebook’s war on free will | Technology | The Guardian

In reality, Facebook is a tangle of rules and procedures for sorting information, rules devised by the corporation for the ultimate benefit of the corporation. Facebook is always surveilling users, always auditing them, using them as lab rats in its behavioural experiments. While it creates the impression that it offers choice, in truth Facebook paternalistically nudges users in the direction it deems best for them, which also happens to be the direction that gets them thoroughly addicted. It’s a phoniness that is most obvious in the compressed, historic career of Facebook’s mastermind.

Photojournalist Covering Rohingya Crisis for GEO Detained by Bangladeshi Authorities | PDNPulse

Photographer Minzayar Oo, who was reporting on the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh on assignment for GEO magazine, was detained with his assistant Hkun Lat on September 7, according to Oo’s agency, Panos Pictures. The two men have been accused of espionage. Police say the journalists entered the country on tourist visas rather than journalist visas, and are charging the pair with “false impersonation” and providing false information, according to a report by the Daily Mail. Panos reports that Oo and Lat have been denied bail, and the agency has called on authorities to release both men immediately.

Promising 24-year-old photographer arrested in Turkey | Arts | DW | 14.09.2017

After 12 days of detention in an Istanbul police station, Turkish photo journalist Cagdas Erdogan was formally arrested on Wednesday according to his agency “140journos” and the Stockholm Center for Freedom.