The Artist Intervenes: Kevin Hoth - LENSCRATCH

In Immortal Chromatic, artist Kevin Hoth transforms the process of destruction into a cathartic act. Initially serving as a coping mechanism to a singular traumatic event, the project explores the inherent fragility and impermanence of life, and our inabi

Joe Rudko: Tiny Mirrors

I recently curated an exhibition, Beyond the Surface,  that will open at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in January about artists who intervene with the surface of a photograph. In the process of considering work to include, gallerist Tarrah Von Lintel introduce

Dan Eldon and the power of creative activism

On July 12, 1993, Kathy Eldon attempted to process the news that no mother ever wants to hear – that her 22-year-old son had been murdered. Earlier that day, American-led UN forces had launched an aerial attack on the suspected headquarters of Somali warl

Juxtapoz Magazine - KAWS: Art Louder Than Words

It’s hard not to notice the astronomical change in the art landscape over the past 25 years. The notoriety and fame that a generation of artists ...

From toys to graffiti, fine art to fashion, art collecting and public art that bridges American pop culture to an international audience, KAWS has defined an era where the artist can be whatever he or she wants to be without compromise. And, in many ways, KAWS has achieved success as an artist without being shackled to a particular thing, a genre, if you will. He really is known as just KAWS, and by and large, he is quite content.

Hip hop photography, remixed by iconic graffiti artists

In the years leading up to the birth of hip hop, graffiti was sweeping the streets of New York and Philadelphia, reinventing itself on the cusp of a new millennium. No longer was it mere inscriptions from anonymous hands, but an emerging world filled with

Legendary New York photographer Janette Beckman hands her work over to the world’s biggest streets artists for new project, The Mash-Up.