Miami Heat owner sues blogger over photo

Miami Heat stakeholder Ranaan Katz is suing a blogger over an “unflattering” photo published online, reports Tim Elfrink in The Miami New Times. In the lawsuit, Katz claims copyright vi…

Miami Heat stakeholder Ranaan Katz is suing a blogger over an "unflattering" photo published online

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I Didn't Choose My Gender- But I Have Chosen To Be A Photojournalist - A Photo Editor

Harry Benson responds to the Laura Logan assault in Egypt by writing “the last place for a young, attractive woman to be is in the middle of an extremely dangerous situation” (here) prompting this response from photojournalist Julie Dermansky “when on the

“We believe photojournalism has a large and enthusiastic following that would be willing to contribute financially when given the right incentive,” the founders declared on their Web site. “ offers this incentive in the form of exclusive access to top photojournalists carefully selected by a board of reviewers composed of industry professionals.”

First Impressions of the Finepix X100 from a rangefinder shooter by Pieter Franken | STEVE HUFF PHOTOS

A master of feature photography, his images were clean, dramatically lit, and well composed. No one made a better group portrait. In a world of motor-driven cameras, Herde shot frugally, thinking before he pushed the button. And his captions were always impeccably neat. Photographers usually have bad handwriting. Tom Herde was an exception to the rule.

New Holga and Lensbaby add-ons for Nikon DSLR - Nikon Rumors

Holga is now selling lenses for DSLR. The Nikon version HL-N is a 60mm f/8 all plastic lens that costs $24.99 and weights 38g. Other Holga lenses and accessories are compatible with the HL-N (Lomography has a similar solution). The lens is also available

Lady Gaga is demanding that some photographers transfer all their copyrights to images they make of her as a condition for photographing her concerts

Did Twitter Just Save 10 Million Sygma Images? | PDNPulse

Rumors circulated on Twitter over the weekend that about 10 million archival images from the collection of the defunct French picture agency Sygma were about to be destroyed. The images have been under the control of a liquidation trustee since Corbis, wh

A rumor has been floating around that images held by Corbis-Sygma will be destroyed unless the owners can be found

Rob Galbraith DPI: Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 released

In an interview given to the french blog A l’Oeil, the court appointed administrator of the defunct Corbis Sygma , the french company set up by Corbis after its acquisition of Sygma, declared that he is about to destroy millions of Sygma’s photographs.

Rob Galbraith DPI: Macworld: two short articles on using Macbook Air for photographers

Avoiding clichés requires one of two things: An original approach or an unexplored subject matter and ideally, both. In other words, figuring out a new way to make pictures of a tried and true subject is one way. This usually means telling a specific, dynamic story. The other is to discover or conceive of a subject that hasn’t been trampled to stereotype. Do both and you’re a genius.

David Griffin Joins Washington Post As Visuals Editor

Ed Ou and Scott Nelson, photographers on assignment for The New York Times, crossed from Egypt into Libya on Tuesday, with a Times reporter, Kareem Fahim. About five hours after they arrived, Kerri MacDonald interviewed Mr. Ou through an instant messaging service. His responses, somewhat condensed, are reproduced as they came in, line by line.

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If one wants to think of photobook making as a spectrum, at one end, there are commercial publishers. At the other end, there are artists literally making their own books: Printing the pages, binding them etc. Raymond Meeks has produced a variety of such artist books, and I approached him to talk about those.

Rob Galbraith DPI: LPA Design analysis details Canon Speedlite 580EX II design flaws

Since its publication in 1977 Nancy Rexroth's book Iowa has become an underground classic. Shot in the small rural country of Southeastern Ohio using a Diana camera with a plastic lens, and named after her childhood memories, the book is mysterious on many levels. It has long been out of print and copies are scarce. I found one at the University of Oregon library, quickly fell in love with it, and eventually tracked down its author to ask some questions about Iowa, Diana, and photography.

Rob Galbraith DPI: Damon Winter of New York Times is POYi Newspaper Photographer of the Year

Amid all our positive observations, we became concerned about the state of photojournalism in the pages we saw. We missed emotional photographs. Glossy magazines and newsprint pages with vast, luxurious expanses of space were largely devoid of powerful photojournalism. The lack of strong, documentary images puzzled us. We wondered if this has something to do with reduced investment. The industry has lost so many positions for picture editors and others, and yet great photographs can’t be made without time, care and commitment. Perhaps in places where the work is being done, print space to showcase it is no longer available.

Photojournalist Giles Duley Gravely Injured in Afghanistan | PDNPulse

The New York Times has just reported that British freelance photographer Giles Duley lost both legs and an arm after stepping on an improvised explosive in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan. The incident occurred February 7 while Duley was on a foot pa

I have stayed away from much of the online discussion of the use of camera phones and apps in photojournalism largely because I have not wanted to be seen as an advocate for their use and because I have wanted to avoid any appearance of endorsing any particular product or technique — which I absolutely do not. It was never my intention for these photos to be seen only in the context of the tool by which they were made. Having said that, I will always stand behind these photographs and am confident in my decision that this was the right tool to tell this particular story. Any discussion about the validity of these images comes down to two basic fundamentals: aesthetics and content.

USB Knob Adds Remote Focus-Pulling to Canon SLRs

This $400 knob proves that the SLR really is the movie camera for today’s indie filmmakers. It’s called the Okii Systems USB Follow Focus, and it does what it says, allowing you to control the focus of a Canon SLR via USB. Think of it as focus-by-wire for

It is rare that the most important piece of equipment in your bag is the bag itself, even more rare for that bag to be a black plastic trash sack slung over your shoulder as you walk past pro-government thugs on a bridge over the River Nile. The trash bag’s purpose, of course, is to conceal your large nylon camera bag, which is likely to get you grabbed off the street by the aforementioned thugs.

Canon Officially Announces the 500 f/4L IS II & 600 f/4L IS II

London, UK, 7th February 2011 – Canon today launches two new super-telephoto lenses for its leading EOS Digital SLR (DSLR) range – the EF 500mm F/4L IS II U

Today, I decided to concentrate on the chairs that people put out by the curb. In an hour of driving around the streets in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, I photographed well over 50 different types of chairs.