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APhotoADay is different things to different people. It started off as an email listserv and a website. It was a home for work you shot for you — not them. It was a place to get constructive criticism. A place to seek inspiration. A like-minded group of people dedicated to the advancement of photojournalism. People who wanted to raise the bar for everyone. It became a community. A family.



Abbas and the Revolution is an attempt to showcase some of the photographs of one of the most important photographers of our time about one of the most important events of the 20th century. Having two “importants” in the first sentence of this introduction shows that we are quite aware of our monumental task. We know that we can never do justice to Abbas’s career as a photographer, and that despite our best efforts we may be able to tell only a small part of the story of the 1979 Iranian Revolution.


Creating Community Through Memory in Motion –

Launch the first issue of Me-Mo Magazine, and your tablet’s screen springs to life, offering a cinema-like introduction to a variety of photo essays by its five founding photographers. With a combination of still images, video, text and informational graphics, it seeks to use as many different tools to capture the reader’s imagination. But what it really is aiming for is something that is time-tested: to create a community.


MEMO Magazine

MEMO's first issue talks about FEAR. The fear of war, the lack of freedom or education, the fear of not making it or not being accepted. From Libya, Pakistan, Ukraine or Spain, this issue approaches different aspects of fear through the lenses of the founders of the magazine.


New Site: Peter Turnley

“Why would a nanny be taking all these pictures?” Maloof asks in “Finding Vivian Maier.” His puzzlement reflects the central anxiety of the film, and of the Maier legend in general. Why would a photographer with the fierce dedication, creative vision, and formal skill of a Robert Frank, a Diane Arbus, or a Garry Winogrand withhold her work from the world and choose instead to spend her life raising other people’s children?


Photo Tech

The news magazine about the visual tech space. Everything from content marketing, computer vision, deep learning, virtual reality, 3 D, photo, video featuring breaking news, analysis, commentary, stats, reports, white papers on research, start-ups, invest

Goodbye ! from Le Journal de la Photographie

The Team of the Journal and I draw the line. It's over, this is our last issue. One should not scorn with impunity a great team who for nearly three years worked to help create the Journal , developed and led it to where it is today. The Journal was a concept, and it was mine, but above all it was a team who day after day showed passion, dedication and enthusiasm. There is sadness, bitterness, regret, of course. The Journal was you, every day more numerous and passionate