Bookstore Browsing: 10 Photo Books from Tokyo

Japan is famous for its camera brands and love of photography, but outside of Daido Moriyama, most westerners would probably be hard-pressed to name a Japanese photographer. In browsing a number of titles at the Tsutaya bookstore, I was struck by the popularity of vernacular photography. And in a land replete with the highest resolution digital cameras and technical accuracy, many Japanese photographers seem to embrace film and aim for a grittier aesthetic – perhaps a photographic reflection of their concept of wabi-sabi or the acceptance of imperfection and transience.

Peter van Agtmael: Buzzing at the Sill

Peter van Agtmael’s new monograph, Buzzing at the Sill published by Kehrer, is a timely collection of images of a more challenged America, a sequel to his well-celebrated book, Disco Nights September 11th. Expanding on his work created during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2006 to 2013, and their impact back home, Buzzing at the Sill, shows us a country in flux, a country in crisis, and more importantly, a country in need of better days

The latest issue of Dog Food

Dog Food 5 has just arrived on the scene and introduces the newly formed KRISIS photo agency on the world stage. Follow their exploits from the Island of Lesbos to the depths of Syria. The editors created Archive articles from Kurdistan to Canada. Including a new photo manifesto, trigger-fingers, and a tribute to a photographer that has left us. Can you identify every photographer on the cover? Dog food is free and free for all

A look inside Jim Goldberg’s “The Last Son”

Jux jim goldberg 1

Through the years, all of Jim Goldberg’s publishing endeavors have been worthy of attention, dating back to his seminal and highly collectable 1995 title Raised by Wolves. With each effort, Goldberg builds brilliant narrative stories, unconventional in presentation and deeply personal.

Michael Dunev: Parallax

Correfocs 9

Michael Dunev has just released a significant monograph, Parallax, recently published by Poligrafa in Spain, showcasing 45 years of black and white stunning photography

The Best Photography Books of the Year: 2016

Another girl valeriephilips p104

2016 was an undeniably tumultuous year for the world, which has translated into a strong year for photo books. In time for the holidays we present the best new offerings, as well as highlights from our 2016 roundups in spring, summer, and fall.

Mark Peterson: Political Theater

PoliticalTheatre cover MP PT

Every presidential campaign has a particular feel and color: the red, white, and blue days of JFK that ended in a sad pink boucle, the brilliant reds of Nancy Regan, the rainbow spectrum of the Obamas. But this election is perfectly captured in black and white by photographer Mark Peterson, stripping the last two years down to its bare bones, showing the warts and weirdness of democracy gone awry. The result of “the most polarized and bizarre presidential race in American history” is a new monograph, Political Theater, published by Steidl.

Gilles Mora: Antebellum

Antebellum front cover jpeg

Photographer, editor, artistic director and museum director Gilles Mora has just released a new monograph, Antebellum, published by Texas University Press that consists of impressionistic, rarely seen images of a disappearing Deep South

Anatomy of a Photobook: 10(X) by Sara Terry

10xeditions danny wilcox frazier

When Sara Terry started printing handmade limited-edition photobooks of her work – each edition displaying only 10 images of her choice – she never expected it to attract an audience beyond her close friends. Yet, the editions, called 10(X), have caught the eyes of award-winning photographers and photo editors who are now collaborating with her

The fifty years of Gamma


In December 1966, four photographers, Hubert Henrotte, Raymond Depardon, Hugues Vassal, Léonard de Raemyand an agent, Jean Monteux, ready for a new adventure decided to launch  a photographers’ agency where everyone worked on a 50-50 basis . The photographers, shareholders or colleagues shared half of the income from the sales of their reporting and half of the costs of production. Five months later, Gilles Caron joined the young staff.

Bob Lynn’s Visual Journalism Leadership Book Is Now Available For Free

First published in 2013, the book draws from Lynn’s experiences at the Virginia-Pilot and from his earlier post at the Charleston Gazette in West Virginia. His photo staffs regularly won in NPPA contests and the International Pictures of the Year competitions. The Virginia-Pilot was also awarded Best Use of Pictures three times under Lynn’s direction.

Our Favorite Titles from the 2016 NY Art Book Fair

03 20160916 ny art book fair 028

Last Sunday marked the final day of the 11th annual NY Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, Queens, The annual event put on by the famous Chelsea book store Printed Matter is a magnet for connoisseurs and enthusiasts of art books and print work published independently by vendors from far flung corners of the globe. It is free and open to public, making it one of the most accessible events for those looking to add books and ephemera to their collections.

Kevin Amato photographs residents of the Bronx in his book, The Importants.

2 jpg CROP original original

Kevin Amato makes photos for fashion campaigns, album covers, documentary series, editorial clients, and himself. But as they’re presented in his new book out from Phaidon this month, The Importants, without any way of distinguishing one type from another, it’s clear they’re all part of a singular aesthetic pursuit.

Looking at White Privilege Under Apartheid

14 lens goldblatt slide 2VFP superJumbo

for the country’s white middle class — the group that thrived under apartheid — that existence was captured in David Goldblatt’s seminal 1982 book, “In Boksburg,” which is being republished this month by Steidl

Paula Bronstein’s Afghanistan Between Hope and Fear is a photojournalist’s 15-year study of Afghanistan.

Pg 114 Women s rights activists grieve at the home of Farkhunda Malikzada jpg CROP original original

Bronstein returned many times after that initial assignment, often working on stories of her own volition that covered politics, health care, education, and women’s rights. One-hundred and fourteen of her images that speak to Afghanistan’s complex history and culture have now been published as a new book by University of Texas Press titled Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear.

The strange beauty of vintage Mexican crime photos

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On a trip to Mexico in 2010, photographer Stefan Ruiz stumbled on a sizable amount of vintage Mexican crime photos. He was perusing Mexico City’s sprawling La Lagunilla thrift market when he came across them. Something grabbed his interest and hooked him. Over the next six months he met the seller of the images and made repeated trips to the market to buy more and more, eventually amassing a large collection, which he published as a book titled, “Mexican Crime Photographs From the Archive of Stefan Ruiz” (Gost, 2015)