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Screen shot 2011 07 09 at 7 57 47 AM Três16 | Fotografia Link: Três16 | Fotografia Multimídia
India © Romain Philippon

 “Inconscience” (french for “Unconsciousness”) is a photographic project about sleepers in the world, that I started few years ago. I began to photograph sleepers that I came accross during my travels. I saw in them so much poetry, but also questions about the world and the derailment of society. I ‘m now launching a presale campaign, to be able to publish the book f these pictures myself. That would hopefully give me more freedom in my future work. I’ll need to sell 250 copies to start the publishing process.

Link: Unconsciousness by Romain Philippon
Screen shot 2011 07 09 at 8 03 17 AM Link: The Photoblographer

A few weeks ago we announced bringing a video editor on board. This is our first effort with Tim on board. We shot, edited and did the motion graphics for this iPad App trailer. For you typography folks you are going to want this app. All the type in the video was created with the app. Check out the LetterMpress app trailer below.

Link: Jason Lindsey
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Malcolm & Sophia Fraser founded Weekly Inspiration in late 2009. Combining a love for the arts and the wish to uplift and inspire, as artists, this website was created. The “Weekly” Inspiration part? We send a newsletter out weekly with our latest news, other artists, exhibits and anything else we want to share. We created an online gallery as a place to provide a platform for upcoming artists, designers and writers. To date we have 9 artists in the gallery and are still growing.

Link: Weekly Inspiration
VioletHour 8

Chicago photographer Krista Wortendyke has brought her “Killing Season: Chicago 2010” project to Wicker Park. Mounted on the facade of The Violet Hour, the public art installation will be on display through early August. Wortendyke began the “Killing Season” project in response to the particularly hot and violent summer of 2010 during which the Supreme Court overturned Chicago’s strict 28-year-old handgun ban. Modified slightly to fit the front of The Violet Hour, this current piece represents the homicides that took place between July 1 and Labor Day, and shows 107 of the 173 killings that took place in the city last summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2010. Each column of the skyline-like chart represents a day and each image represents a person, and are individually meant to be reflections, meditations on the city and collectively, the images are a call to action and serve to raise awareness. Repeated images denote that there were multiple people killed in that location.

Link: Killing Season Chicago

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