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Deep Fried Pizza, by Giulio Saggin

Steve Butcher is young, Australian and living in Scotland. He is a tabloid photographer. He is also disillusioned. His life isn’t one of Page 3 Girls and celebrities. Instead, his morals and ethics are compromised every day. Thankfully, his life also revolves around beer, football, cable TV and, occasionally, women. It is through these he maintains his sanity. However, by the time his fourth Scottish winter – a particularly fierce one – arrives, he is at his wits’ end…

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Academy of Art Alumni Win Top Prizes in Editorial Photographers’ Education Grants Contest

With their powerful and unique images, two Academy of Art University alumni won top prizes in the Editorial Photographers’ Education Grants Contest. The contest, now in its third year, recognizes and supports emerging photographers. Sean DuFrene received the Grand Prize, and Unnikrishnan Raveendranathan was named Runner-up. Elliot Erwitt, a respected photographer who just won the international Center for Photography’s Infinity Award for Lifetime Achievement, selected both prizes.

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Distil Ennui Studio – works by photographer Alexander James

Here you will find some of the new additions to the Tokyo Taxi series, which is due to be published in a book by Merrell at the end of this year. Completing the series was no easy task despite the 58,000 registered taxi’s from 1024 companies on Tokyo’s roads. This is because over 95% are from six of the main companies operating in the city, meaning they all have the same signs on their roof. Tracking down some of the much rarer companies with as few as 4 cars on the streets bearing their unique illuminations proved a lengthy process.

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Calls for Entry – Dreams – The Center for Fine Art Photography

Dreams are a creation of images, ideas, sensations and emotions that occur in our conscious and subconscious mind. They can be the manifestation of our aspirations, goals, andfears both realistic and fantastic.


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