Maxim Dondyuk: The Crimea Sich takes a close look at a military training camp for boys in Crimea

A Rare Look Inside a Military Training Camp for Boys in Crimea

Kiev-based photographer Maxim Dondyuk’s project “The Crimea Sich” began as an obscure look at a Crimean military training camp for young boys. But his…

via Slate Magazine:

Dondyuk, who was recently named one of Magnum Photos’ “30 Under 30,” worked on the project from 2010–2013 and is currently editing a documentary film he shot last year on the camp. According to Dondyuk, because had a connection to one of the Cossacks, he was able to get a permit to shoot in the camp; he lived and trained under the same conditions with the campers for two weeks. “I was allowed to photograph everything I saw in the camp after I told them what I want to show,” he explained. “I wanted to understand the full situation there and to show the atmosphere in my photos.”