Germany: Service by Platon at Jablonka Galerie – The Eye of Photography

Germany: Service by Platon at Jablonka Galerie

3 Platon Sergeant Tim Johannsen and his wife Jacquelyne Kay Walter Reed Army Medical Center 2008 All Copyright Platon

“Service” took many weeks to develop but Platon’s enthusiasm for the project never faltered. He rose to each photographic challenge, no matter what difficulties a shoot presented. Like a house being built, stone by stone, the photographs were crafted into a sequence of spreads that in the end added up to an exceptional essay. Access was difficult, shoot times often limited, and making each spread unique instead of repetitive was a great challenge. In addition to portraiture for which Platon is well known, he took documentary images, and even some still-lives. In the end the New Yorker published a series 16 pages and won a National Magazine Award for it. Bravo Platon!

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