‘Shooting the Mafia’ review: Passionate portrait of Letizia Battaglia – Los Angeles Times

‘Shooting the Mafia’ captures the passion behind the photos of Letizia Battaglia

Documentary “Shooting the Mafia” profiles Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia, noted for chronicling the lives of underworld figures.

via Los Angeles Times: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/movies/story/2019-11-21/shooting-the-mafia-review

“The camera changed my life,” says Italian photojournalist Letizia Battaglia, the incredibly compelling subject of veteran documentarian Kim Longinotto’s “Shooting the Mafia.” Before Battaglia picked up a camera at age 40, she was a teenage bride who raised three daughters and endured a rocky marriage. When she walked into the local newspaper in her hometown of Palermo, Sicily, looking for work, she found her calling as a photojournalist, chronicling the Mafia War in Sicily and its high-profile trials.