“Photographers are the ones who see everything” – Columbia Journalism Review

“Photographers are the ones who see everything”

Reuters photojournalist Adnan Abidi on shooting Delhi’s COVID-19 crisis

via Columbia Journalism Review: https://www.cjr.org/special_report/adnan-abidi-india-delhi-covid-19.php?a=home-hero&utm_source=cjr-org&utm_content=homehero

Sometimes people say these photos are beautiful, but I just want to show people what’s happening. Right now you don’t want to show people how good you are, with composition or whatever. What matters is how well you can convey the message through your pictures that it’s not safe out here. If people see my pictures on social, maybe they will be more cautious. Photographers are the ones who see everything—hospital, graveyards, cremation grounds.