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Photo: Burma nights, Rangoon Lights, photos by John Stanmeyer Still photographer on the set of Munich Inside the walls with Mara Salvatrucha, Luis Sinco Nancy Kaszerman on shooting The Red Carpet Alec Soth’s Niagara (different than previous mention) Other: Former Green Beret blogging from Iraq… …His blog (by the way, the Pulitzer is only award to work appearing in a US newspaper) People who cut themselves will now be given clean blades in UK Gay Witchhunt in Cameroon Four now dead protesting cartoons Latest edition of the North Star Chronicles, polygamist newsletter from Canada (PDF) MP3’s of the People’s Temple Choir, now you can listen to the sounds of Jonestown Alternative considerations of Jonestown, People’s Temple NYT: Company, by  Max Barry Travel story on Sarajevo Al Qaeda’s Jamal Ahmed al-Badawi escapes Yemeni jail in 460 foot tunnel Ethnic fracturing in Iraq