Student offers 7 ways to avoid being attacked

From The Moscow Times: I am writing in response to the growing wave of racially motivated attacks across Russia. As we mourn the deaths of our brothers, I believe that abandoning our studies in fear should not be an option. “Skin terrorism” must not be allowed to win. However, each and every one of us must be vigilant and street smart. Here are some ways to avoid racist attacks: 1. Stay six steps away from everyone in all directions. This measure won’t save anyone from gun attacks, but it is a sure way to fend off knife attacks. 2. Avoid going to dangerous nightspots. It is stupid to go to a club where a dark-skinned foreigner was knifed a few weeks back. 3. When invited by a stranger for a chat or a drink, thank him or her and walk away or pretend to be deaf. Here.

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