12 Photographers Reflect on Images of Solidarity

Bruce Davidson, Miranda Barnes, Sohrab Hura and more on how photographs can represent solidarity—from demonstrations of unity in the face of adversity and oppression, to moments of community and connection.

How can photographs represent solidarity? From Bruce Davidson’s iconic images of the Civil Right Movement to Richie Shazam’s coverage of the massive Black Trans Lives Matter march in Brooklyn last month, the act of solidarity can be seen in these demonstrations of unity in the face of adversity and oppression. But solidarity is also captured in moments of community and connection, as seen in the work of Chien-Chi Chang and Denise Stephanie.

Turning Points: Life-Changing Moments by Magnum Photographers - Photographs and texts courtesy of Magnum Photos | LensCulture

From iconic images of major world events, to intimate moments of pleasure and delight — here is an outstanding selection of remarkable images from Magnum Photos — each with a personal story

A Photographic Duet Inspired by the Glittering “Violet Isle” of the Caribbean - Feature Shoot

© Rebecca Norris Webb © Alex Webb For more than a century, Cuba has mesmerized the world, beckoning visitors to its vibrant shores and the rich fertile soil that has…

Over a period of 15 years, American photographers Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb made 11 trips to Cuba, each drawn to difference elements of this multi-faceted gem. Alex Webb explored the country’s street life, capturing scenes of everyday life set in a prism of vivid colors that glow under the Caribbean sun, while Rebecca Norris Webb was drawn to the resounding presence of animal life, photographing tiny zoos, pigeon societies, and personal menageries.

A Marriage of Lives and Photos

In “Slant Rhymes,” Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb have a visual dialogue, sometimes ambiguous and suggestive, that spans the couple’s relationship.

The photographers Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb have produced a book, “Slant Rhymes,” that pairs images by each of them in diptychs. In an email exchange with James Estrin, they discussed the book, photography and their relationship.

Capturing Complexity and Color in Mexico

A book and exhibition feature the lush, multilayered photographs of Alex Webb — works that represent over 40 trips throughout Mexico.

When Alex Webb first walked across the bridge from El Paso to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, in 1975, he was a 23-year-old hotshot photographer. He had just become a nominee to the esteemed Magnum photo collective and was already noted for his alienated black-and-white images capturing the American social landscape.

Alex Webb and his exhibition at Photo London 2016 – The Leica Camera Blog

In light of the second annual Photo London fair taking place from 19-22 of May at Somerset House, London, Leica has partnered with Photo London, bringing an outstanding body of work from the prestigious Magnum photographer, Alex Webb. “Selections” incorporates a collection of powerful and intense color street photographs taken by the San Francisco-born photographer and his Leica M cameras. We interviewed Alex Webb to get document his thoughts on photography, Photo London 2016, and his artistic perspective and approach.

Extraordinary New Book Unveils the Untold Stories of the World's Greatest Photojournalists - Feature Shoot

The duty of a photojournalist, according to many, is to remain detached in a moment of crisis, to compartmentalize scenes of violence and war from the goings on of everyday life. As suggested by Italian journalist Mario Calabresi in his extraordinary book

As suggested by Italian journalist Mario Calabresi in his extraordinary book Eyes Wide Open, however, the best storytellers are those who allow themselves to be submerged within often painful events, to forgo absolute objectivity in favor of something rarer: a precarious marriage of impartiality and intimate involvement. In interviews with ten photographers who have not only documented but in many ways shaped the course of history—Steve McCurry, Josef Koudelka, Don McCullin, Elliott Erwitt, Paul Fusco, Alex Webb, Gabriele Basilico, Abbas, Paolo Pellegrin, and Sebastiao Salgado

Dialogues: 36 Photographs & 20 Poems – The Eye of Photography

Dialogues: 36 Photographs & 20 Poems is a new publication from 205-A and the first book in a series that explores the intersection between photography and poetry. The publishers, Aaron Stern and Jordan Sullivan worked in collaboration with poets Tom Sleigh and Will Schutt to bring together these unique pairings. The book features the photography of Ed van der Elsken, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, Alain Laboile, Emma Phillips, Mark Borthwick, Brian Merriam, Coley Brown, Jordan Sullivan and Aaron Stern. 

M-Magazine is a new magazine dedicated to Leica M photography - Leica Rumors

M Magazine is a new magazine for Leica M Photography (available on iTunes | Google Play). The first issue features Bruce Gilden, Trent Parke, Alex Webb, Jan Grarup, Anton Kusters, Ciril Jazbec and other pictures taken by acclaimed Leica photographers: Rel

The first issue features Bruce Gilden, Trent Parke, Alex Webb, Jan Grarup, Anton Kusters, Ciril Jazbec and other pictures taken by acclaimed Leica photographers

In Kodak's Hometown, Memory and History

Alex Webb and his wife, Rebecca Norris Webb, went to Rochester to document the fabled, if worn, home of Kodak. They returned to explore a city with a rich history and culture.

Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, a husband and wife photography team, documented Rochester after Eastman Kodak’s bankruptcy in their new book, “Memory City,” published by Radius Books. Their conversation with James Estrin has been edited.

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When Alex Webb was photographing at the Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester, N.Y., a man turned to the Magnum photographer, looked at his digital Leica and said: “You know, I designed the sensor for that camera.”

Alex Webb Looks Back in Black-and-White

The photographer Alex Webb is known for his color work, but his black-and-white 1976 project documenting Mound Bayou, Miss., is the one he regrets not completing.

Alex Webb was a 23-year-old photographer in 1976 when he put his belongings in a New York darkroom and headed south in his beat-up Volvo, which doubled as his bedroom. His experiences led his meanderings, and he occasionally picked up assignments that financed his work.

Alex Webb: Rendering a Complex World, in Color and Black-and-White

For the Magnum photographer Alex Webb, how a picture turns out isn’t always up to him.

For someone who says 99 percent of street photography is about failure, Alex Webb has had a notably successful career. From his early work in Haiti and along the United States-Mexico border, to recent projects in the United States Rust Belt, Mr. Webb, a member of Magnum Photos, had produced a deep archive of images rich in color and complexity. James Estrin recently discussed with him how his work has evolved over the last four decades

Alex Webb

The exhibition, It's Personal, reflects personal explorations of subjects that are meaningful to the artists

The Photographer Alex Webb: Live and in Color

Highlights from the conversation between Geoff Dyer and the photographer Alex Webb at the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph, which took place last weekend in Charlottesville, Va.

Alex Webb, one of the most influential color photographers of the last four decades — and whose photographs accompanied an article in the magazine on Treece, Kan. — was interviewed by Geoff Dyer on Saturday afternoon during the final “Insight Conversation” at the Paramount Theater