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11 Photographers Reflect on Images of Solidarity – Aperture Foundation NY

Bruce Davidson, Miranda Barnes, Sohrab Hura and more on how photographs can represent solidarity—from demonstrations of unity in the face of adversity and oppression, to moments of community and connection.

Celebrating 10 Years Of Digital M Photography – The Leica Camera Blog

A wonderful time, it’s the birthday of digital M photography. We would like to take this significant anniversary to share a small but nice selection of M photographers and their images whom influenced digital M photography with their inspiring pictures: Max Malatesta, Ram Shergill and Alex Webb.


Alex Webb and his exhibition at Photo London 2016 – The Leica Camera Blog

In light of the second annual Photo London fair taking place from 19-22 of May at Somerset House, London, Leica has partnered with Photo London, bringing an outstanding body of work from the prestigious Magnum photographer, Alex Webb. “Selections” incorporates a collection of powerful and intense color street photographs taken by the San Francisco-born photographer and his Leica M cameras. We interviewed Alex Webb to get document his thoughts on photography, Photo London 2016, and his artistic perspective and approach.


Extraordinary New Book Unveils the Untold Stories of the World’s Greatest Photojournalists – Feature Shoot

The duty of a photojournalist, according to many, is to remain detached in a moment of crisis, to compartmentalize scenes of violence and war from the goings on of everyday life. As suggested by Italian journalist Mario Calabresi in his extraordinary book

Dialogues: 36 Photographs & 20 Poems – The Eye of Photography

Dialogues: 36 Photographs & 20 Poems is a new publication from 205-A and the first book in a series that explores the intersection between photography and poetry. The publishers, Aaron Stern and Jordan Sullivan worked in collaboration with poets Tom Sleigh and Will Schutt to bring together these unique pairings. The book features the photography of Ed van der Elsken, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, Alain Laboile, Emma Phillips, Mark Borthwick, Brian Merriam, Coley Brown, Jordan Sullivan and Aaron Stern.