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  • I LOVE L.A.: Aline Smithson: LOST Los Angeles – LENSCRATCH

    I LOVE L.A.: Aline Smithson: LOST Los Angeles - LENSCRATCH

    I LOVE L.A.: Aline Smithson: LOST Los Angeles – LENSCRATCH

    Los Angeles or La Puebla de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles (The City of our Lady the Queen of the Angels) was founded by the Spaniards in 1781 and passed into American possession in 1846. It was however of no great importance until the ninth decade of this decade of the present century,

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    The work today represents the past and present of my life, places I knew as a child and places I have come to know as an adult, with some levity added in.

  • OFFSITE: L.A. Story

    Link: L E N S C R A T C H: OFFSITE: L.A. Story

    Ashly Stohl, Ann Mitchell, Rebecca Sittler, Sara Jane Boyers, and Aline Smithson are sharing work in OFFSITE: L.A. Story, with each photographer exploring different areas and concepts about life in Los Angeles. They capture Los Angeles with visions of Hollywood and its iconic signatures, LA’s bridges and buildings, the Queen Mary, skateboarders at Venice Beach, historic Chinatown and the experience of being stuck in LA’s traffic

  • Aline Smithson: Imagine Exhibition

    Romper Room.jpg


    I’m showing work from four series, as the gallery has four rooms for exhibition. Series include In Case of Rain, Shadows and Stains, Hollywood at Home, and a few from Pretty/Dirty.

  • Summertime at Duncan Miller Projects

    Sixteen Los Angeles photographers: Nancy Baron, Michael Cannon, Marian Crostic, Karen Florek, Cat Gwynn, Bootsy Holler, Liz Huston, Kelli Knack, Stella S. Lee, Gray Malin, Ann Mitchell, Steven Rood, Aline Smithson, Charley Star, and Ashly Stohl, will be on exhibition. The show opens this Thursday, July 21st and runs through September 3rd. The gallery is located at 1716 1/2 Ocean Park in Santa Monica, CA and is open Thurs- Sat from 11-6, and every Wed night from 7-9pm.

  • The Next: L.A. Photographers 2011


    The Next: L.A. Photographers 2011 is a group show featuring the work of emerging Southern California photographers who have been developing their unique and personal visions in contemporary photography. The exhibition features the work of 11 photographers: Ashly Stohl, Bob Bright, Carolyn A. Hampton, Claire Mallett, Dan Shepherd, Lisa Bevis, Shawn Robinson, Stacey Rebekah Scott, Stella S. Lee, Steven C. De La Cruz and Aline Smithson.

    Link: L E N S C R A T C H: The Next: L.A. Photographers 2011
  • Two Way Lens: Aline Smithson

    The two biggest problems that beginning photographers face are learning how to edit, and making high quality prints. Beginning photographers forget that it’s not just the image that is for sale, but the print. Many students have never produced prints, even though they have made thousands of photographs, and perhaps the fact that they have thousands of photographs, doesn’t allow them to commit to a single image!

    Link: Two Way Lens: Aline Smithson