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Ami Vitale’s journey as a photojournalist has taken her to 85 countries. She has witnessed civil unrest, poverty, destruction of life, and unspeakable violence. But she has also experienced surreal beauty and the enduring power of the human spirit, and she is committed to highlighting the surprising and subtle similarities between cultures. Her photographs have been exhibited around the world in museums and galleries and published in international magazines including National Geographic, Adventure, Geo, Newsweek, Time, and Smithsonian.


How Joe McNally, Jeremy Cowart & Ami Vitale Are Making the Next Six Months CountPhotoShelter Blog

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2014, right? But the good news is there’s still over 200 days left to bring in business, make more connections with potential photo clients, and end the year strong. To help you out and provide a little i

Meditation On The Death Of A Hero

As we walked the streets, I noticed a certain type of photographer that stood in contrast to the sophisticated, mature practioners like Tim or our other luncheon mates, John Stanmeyer, Ami Vitale, David Strick, Jack Picone and others. It seemed to me this group was like a pack of roving jackals. There was a certain aggressive energy, wildness and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This subset of photographers spoke about wanting to change the world, but their words sounded somewhat disingenuous. They wanted the thrill of danger, the clarity that comes when Life faces Death; the hunt, the kill. Their giant cameras slung around their necks while strolling around the peaceful streets of this French city were like bazookas, and shooting was an act of aggression for them.


Ami Vitale – Tools for the Freelancer

The changes in our business over the past few years are truly hard to comprehend. I am sympathetic to the difficulties for so many in our business as newspapers and magazines close, jobs are lost, and people struggle to see where the business of journalism is headed. While I read all the epithets, I still believe it is an incredibly exciting time to be a journalist. Never have we had so many tools and so much access to stories and people. Never have we all been so connected and yet, now more than ever, the future looks bleak to many professionals. How can this be and what do we do as professionals to find a new path?


Photojournalist Ami Vitale on the Nikon D300s and top tips for learning video

Using the D300s was one of the first experiences I had shooting video, but what struck me is how easy it was to learn. Within one day, I was able to pick up the basics of shooting. It was liberating and exciting to explore the possibilities of story telling with more than just still images and audio. Now I feel as if there is a whole world of opportunities to explore.


Consider The Source – Ami Vitale

Consider The Source – PDN:

Working on “Design For A Living World” provided


Vitale a number of opportunities. She was able to step outside her normal photojournalistic practice, travel to remote areas of the world that most people have never seen, and find a new outlet for her work. “It’s so interesting how it’s this domino effect, because once you start with one project that’s outside the lines of what your traditional role was, they sort of build on each other,” says Vitale.