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Anthony Suau, Pulitzer Prize winner and recipient of the World Press Photo of the Year award, has spent decades documenting crisis and conflict zones worldwide. What ideas does he currently focus on, and which projects does he have planned for the future? Leica visionary Dr. Andreas Kaufmann found out more about what drives the American photographer’s work. SHOW LESS

Anthony Suau’s Organic Rising | PROOF

Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Anthony Suau had these same questions when, in 2008, he returned to the United States after spending 20 years living in Europe. “I realized that I basically couldn’t eat the food, specifically the meat. It just tasted terrible. I found myself very quickly gaining weight. I didn’t understand what was going on.”


Demystifying the organic food movement in the U.S. directed by Pulitzer Prize winner Anthony Suau. | Check out 'ORGANIC RISING' on Indiegogo.

Anthony SUAU has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize, an Emmy, and two World Press Photos of the Year for his photography. He has twice received an International Center of Photography (ICP) Award and was honored with the prestigious Robert Capa Gold Medal award. As a TIME magazine contract photographer for twenty years his images have been published and exhibited worldwide and he has published four successful books. Currently he is directing the feature documentary film “Organic Rising.”

Leica & FCDA – Anthony Suau

Photographer Anthony Suau talks about the Leica sponsored project "Facing Change: Documenting America" and how his involvement in it gave him a better…

A nonprofit collective of dedicated photojournalists and writers came together to explore America and to build a forum to chart its future. They called the final project, “Facing Change: Documenting America”, and drew inspiration from the Farm Security Administration during the Great Depression, which documented the various issues facing the nation at that time through the people the issues were affecting.

Anthony Suau: Foreclosure Crisis Follow-Up

Suau returned to the city in 2010 to follow up on the story and make a multimedia piece on its attempts to dig out of the mess, including one housing court judge whose efforts to make owners and banks take responsibility for their properties and communities is making a difference.

Hard Rain – Anthony Suau

Link: World Press Photo:

World Press Photo and Anthony Suau have jointly produced a multimedia presentation for the World Press Photo website. In Hard Rain, the title Suau gave to the project, he places his 20 years of working as a war correspondent in broad perspective. “I feel it is imperative when covering any war”, he says, “that you are clear on your intentions and know where and how your work will be seen.”

Anthony Suau – Visual Nomad. on Vimeo

Anthony Suau – Visual Nomad. from leica camera on Vimeo.

Filmed only a week before leaving for Amsterdam to receive the 2008 World Photo Press Award, Leica joined photojournalist Anthony Suau as he used his camera on assignment in Spanish Harlem to document the Feed the Children Drive in his ongoing coverage and interest of the economic crisis. As he traveled to Wall Street to discuss this major achievement in photojournalism, Leica had the opportunity to hear about his recent travels, how he captured the award winning photo and the other images in the series on the economic and foreclosure crisis in the U.S.

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The Housing Meltdown: Three Days in Cleveland – The Digital Journalist


by Anthony Suau
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An employee hired by mortgage companies to protect foreclosed homes around the country told me that Cleveland was on the fast track to becoming a Detroit. After my first three-day trip to the city I felt certain he was right. It is a city spiraling into an economic nightmare. I’d seen so many boarded up homes that I could not imagine how it would pull out from the tailspin without national funding. It was too big for the city to save and too big for the state. So I returned for a second three-day trip to take a closer look.

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World Press Photo Winner Struggling To Find Work

Last spring Anthony Suau pleaded with Time magazine – where he’s been a contract photographer for 20 years – to publish his photo essay on the economic crisis in Cleveland, Ohio.

“When I arrived there I was in shock,” Suau recalls. “There was almost not a single street in Cleveland that didn’t have a house that was boarded up because of a foreclosure.” He compared the scene to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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World Press Photo Winner: Anthony Suau


The 52nd Annual World Press Photo of the Year has been awarded to Anthony Suau for a photograph shot for Time magazine related to the economic crisis in the U.S. taken in Cleveland, Ohio.

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The Long War of Genaro García Luna – NYTimes.com

13officer.4-650 1.jpg

photos by Anthony Suau for The New York Times

When Genaro García Luna, Mexico’s top police official, arrived in Tijuana in January, the city was in the middle of a storm of violence that he found, as he put it to me with clipped understatement soon after his visit, “surprising.” First, three local police officers were murdered in a single night, apparently in retaliation for a bust that a drug-cartel boss warned them not to carry out. A few days later, federal police officers tried to storm a trafficker safe house in a quiet Tijuana neighborhood and ended up in a shootout. Five gunmen held off dozens of police officers and soldiers for more than three hours. By the time the police made it inside the house, six kidnap victims from a rival cartel being held there had been executed. The traffickers had skinned off some of the victims’ faces to conceal their identities.

The attacks on the police officers were particularly worrying for García Luna, who as secretary of public security is one of the officials in charge of implementing President Felipe Calderón’s decision to aggressively wage war on drug trafficking. Just before García Luna’s visit to Tijuana, a police officer’s wife and 12-year-old daughter were murdered in their home there, in violation of a longstanding code of combat that is supposed to safeguard the families of cops and traffickers alike.

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Three Days Of Judging: More 2008 Best Of Photojournalism Winners

00016462-GNN-002 1.jpg

Photo by Anthony Suau

On the third full day of judging at NPPA’s Best Of Photojournalism competition at The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, judges picked winners in the categories Domestic News Picture Story, International News, General News, Enterprise, Natural Disaster, and Environmental Picture Story.

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