Top Photos Of 2020 – Jonesblog

Our world was convulsed with social unrest, violence, racism, incompetent leadership, unprecedented corruption of the highest office in the land in America, earthquakes, horrible wildfires in multiple places around the globe, and a global pandemic made worse through failed leadership in a number of countries. Pandemics are by their very nature, possible every year given the realities of biology, but this pandemic did not have to be this bad.

Top Photos Of 2018 – Jonesblog

Time for my annual New Year’s tradition, written in the wee hours of New Year’s Eve, reflecting back on the previous year through the context of the photographs I’ve created, and picking my favorite images.

35mm Lenses – Jonesblog

I like big glass, and I cannot lie.  But mirrorless cameras were *supposed* to give us smaller camera/lens combinations…  and we seem to be going in the wrong direction, at least with respect to size.

Computational Photography And Photographic Manipulation – Jonesblog

The last couple of years have seen attacks on the very definition of truth.  These attacks have been motivated by political positions as well as interference from other countries, but they are also enabled by technology.  Image manipulation has been done for as long as images have been created, going back to the very beginning of photography.

Top Photos of 2017 – Jonesblog

This is my now traditional New Year’s post, written in the late hours of December 31st, sipping something delicious while waiting for Midnight.  Like previous years summaries, this entry is a bit of a year end summary and a selection of my best photographic efforts for the year that reflect where the year has taken me.

Bonneville Speed Week, 2016 – Jonesblog

What follows is a small sampling of the hundreds of racers that appeared out on the salt flats to see how fast their equipment can take them.  It is hard to express the scale of the racing out here without some form of arial photography, so I have focused on the desolation of racing out here.

Sony RX100 III – Jonesblog

This Sony RX100 III is an amazing little camera.  If this camera had been in my possession 4yrs ago, it would have been the penultimate camera of the time able to compete with even the then high end DSLRs.

A Retinal Neuroscientist's Rebuttal: Why Humans Can't See Near Infrared, No Matter What They Eat

One of the more interesting stories we ran across this weekend was an initial update from a small group of scientists who claim to have successfully

The results seem exciting, mind-blowing even. But retinal neuroscientist and photographer Bryan Jones begs to differ, and he has been kind enough to let us reprint his full rebuttal below.

Dump Your DSLR And Save Your Back

If you need another reason to dump that heavy DSLR gear, I am going to give you an orthopedic perspective: think about your back.  The title may be a bit hyperbolic, but I’m not feeling particularly charitable towards larger and heavier cameras right now.

Cuba And The Automobile

Cuba is world renowned for the number of old American automobiles from the 1950s and 1960s still on the streets.  Before coming to Cuba, my impression was that there would be quite a few, but Duncan and I were simply not prepared for how many automobiles from those eras are in routine use in Cuba