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Daniel Morel and the High Cost of Copyright Infringement Claims

The law firm largely responsible for helping photographer Daniel Morel win a $1.2 million jury award for copyright infringement—the maximum amount allowed by law—spent more than twice that amount to prosecute Morel’s case. And now, that law firm has to write off its costs as a loss. 


Agence France Presse And Getty Images Seek New Trial After Million Dollar Loss In Morel Copyright Infringement Case

lawyers from Venable LLP for AFP and Davis Wright Tremaine LLP for Getty filed post-trial documents asking the court to strike the jury’s finding of wilful infringement and greatly reduce the damages awarded to Morel. Failing that, they have requested that an entirely new trial be held.


AFP and Getty Images found liable for willful copyright infringement, Haitian photojournalist Daniel Morel wins maximum damages.

Gasps were heard in the courtroom as the trial of Daniel Morel vs. Agence France Presse (AFP) and Getty Images ended at the Thurgood Marshall US Court House in Manhattan with Morel being awarded $1.2m in damages, the maximum possible. Jury members said they were “outraged” by the behavior of both agencies. EPUK was there and reported daily from the eight-day trial.


Agency Reputations at Stake in Historic Copyright Trial

Daniel Morel’s copyright theft case against photo agencies Agence France Presse (AFP) and Getty Images will begin on Tuesday November 12th, 2013 at the Thurgood Marshall US Court House in Manhattan, before Federal District Court Judge Alison Nathan. The stakes are high and EPUK will be in New York to follow the action.


Agence France Presse vs Morel: Photo Agency Found Guilty Of Theft, Faces Million Dollar Bill

Away from the courtroom there’s also a comic sub-plot to be resolved, starring various figures who either absolved AFP of blame or actively defended the agency’s actions. Aside from the usual freetard nutters these included the National Press Photographer Association’s Mickey Osterreicher, photo blogger John Harrington and Visa Pour L’Image’s J-F Leroy.


Agence France Presse vs Morel: “AFP Got Caught With A Hand In The Cookie Jar And Will Have To Pay”

It’s unlikely anyone will ever step forward to claim the credit for that particular piece of ingenious public relations, for it’s clear that AFP and Getty are already bracing themselves for a crushing defeat. Buried deep in their memorandum is a plea to the court that should it find in Morel’s favour, damages should be limited to a maximum of $240,000. That’s a far cry from previous ringing declarations that “in the end, we shall prevail”.


More than $120,000,000 at stake in AFP v. Morel case

"[Agence France-Presse got caught with a hand in the cookie jar and will have to pay." This statement, written in 2010 by an AFP photo desk editor, could become reality if a judge finds in favour of freelance photographer Daniel Morel in his two-year-long case against the French photo agency and its partner, Getty Images. Olivier Laurent reports