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  • David Strick, backstages – The Eye of Photography

    David Strick, backstages

    For the past forty years, David Strick has studied the mysterious phenomenon that is Hollywood, examining its artificiality and its affect on the world beyond the city limits. Strick has just started a blog where he combines the media’s image of Hollywood with his own in order to give an insider’s view of the industry. A portrait of the photographer in ten points.

  • LA Times wins $266,000 from photographer David Strick

    Link: LA Times wins $266,000 from photographer David Strick * – LA Observed

    An arbitrator has awarded the paper $266,000 to cover the costs of defending itself against a suit by the longtime Hollywood editorial photographer

  • David Strick, Celebrity Photographer, Suing L.A. Times For Publishing His Photos After he Left The Paper

    LA Weekly:

    What happens when you work as a contract freelancer for a publication and it continues to put out your work after you leave? It’s all about the fine print, innit?

  • Meditation On The Death Of A Hero

    As we walked the streets, I noticed a certain type of photographer that stood in contrast to the sophisticated, mature practioners like Tim or our other luncheon mates, John Stanmeyer, Ami Vitale, David Strick, Jack Picone and others. It seemed to me this group was like a pack of roving jackals. There was a certain aggressive energy, wildness and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This subset of photographers spoke about wanting to change the world, but their words sounded somewhat disingenuous. They wanted the thrill of danger, the clarity that comes when Life faces Death; the hunt, the kill. Their giant cameras slung around their necks while strolling around the peaceful streets of this French city were like bazookas, and shooting was an act of aggression for them.

    Link: Meditation On The Death Of A Hero