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The 2016 Pulitzer Prize winners will be announced on Monday, April 18, marking the 100th awarding of the prizes since they were initiated in 1917. We recently asked photojournalist Deanne Fitzmaurice how winning the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for feature photogr

When you win, your phone is going to start ringing like crazy, your inbox is going to fill up and there are going to be lots of opportunities to to go out and talk about your work and your process. It’s easy for it to become a distraction. After I won, I spent the following year doing speaking engagements and other things related to that project. It was a great honor and privilege, but then I felt like: enough talking, just start producing some work.

Photo Journal: Deanne Fitzmaurice - Multi-Tasker

By Jim ColtonSo you won a Pulitzer Prize...nice...but what have you done lately? Well, if you're Deanne Fitzmaurice, you've followed and photographed the subject of your Pulitzer for almost 10 years; created a camera bag and accessories company; launched

So I screwed up my great moment with Ansel Adams, a photographer that did what I am always trying to do to this day; humanize someone or some issue. He let down his guard and gave me a moment and it is forever gone. I learned my first big lesson in photography and now I double check everything and try to always be ready for any kind a moment that could happen.