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Donna Ferrato : Conflict – The Eye of Photography

The project by Donna Ferrato is the third episode. Many conflict photographers talk about getting “close” to their subjects; but perhaps none get closer than Donna Ferrato. For more than 30 years, Donna has been making deep and lasting relationships with women, and then asking to take their pictures on the worst day of their lives


Showcase: TriBeCa Chiaroscuro – Lens Blog

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Link: Showcase: TriBeCa Chiaroscuro – Lens Blog – NYTimes.com:

Donna Ferrato’s raw, energetic black-and-white images capture shadowy figures walking alone on wet pavement. There are compelling scenes of construction workers seen through steam and dust hammering Belgian block pavement, and of celebrities and everyday New Yorkers strolling down side streets as if they were fashion catwalks.