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The Future of Photojournalism by Ed Kashi – The Eye of Photography

Photojournalism is in transition as a profession and remains an unorthodox career for most. It is certainly not a stable way of life. It has always been a competitive, challenging and dangerous career path, and today it’s never been more dangerous and it’s too often deadly. And it will never return to what it was. In some ways that’s refreshing and presents new opportunities to develop the medium artistically and find a newly relevant and more vibrant place in the expansive media landscape of the digital age.


A Chat with The Kashis: A Photojournalism Family Juggles Chaos and Calm

Ed Kashi’s story on northern Nigeria’s Islamic insurgency appears in the November issue of National Geographic magazine. His wife, Julie Winokur, is a writer/filmmaker, and co-founder of Talking Eyes Media. They have two children, Eli, 18, a college freshman, and Isabel, 15. In this edition of Conversations, National Geographic senior photo editor Alice Gabriner chats with the Kashi family about love, work, and finding the balance between the two.


Ed Kashi’s Reflections on His Photos, in Diaries and Letters

Ed Kashi’s new book “Witness Number 8: Photojournalisms” (Nazraeli Press 2012) is a collection of images, diary entries and letters to his wife, Julie Winokur. Mr. Kashi spoke about the book with James Estrin this month at the National Press Photographers Association’s Northern Short Course in Fairfax, Va. Their conversation has been edited.