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Interview: Ed Templeton’s Wayward Cognitions | American Photo

Ed Templeton has spent the last twenty years documenting youth culture from the streets. A former professional skateboarder, Ed’s interest in photography and art was driven, in part, by the founding of his company Toy Machine. This year, Templeton released Wayward Cognitions (Um Yeah Arts). Here, Templeton talks about diving into his immense archives for the new book and the things that catch his eye on his daily photo missions. 


Ed Templeton: Plastic Plant Places at Photomonth « The Leica Camera

Robert Frank said “Black and White is the color of photography” and I really like that statement. I think taking out the color gives a photo a timeless quality. I think color can ruin a perfectly well composed photo, and conversely color can sometimes raise a mediocre photo into a beautiful one. I just like uniformity and the starkness


AMERICANSUBURB X: ED TEMPLETON: "Deformer and the Will to Not Be F-cked…"

Eleven years in the making and compiling more than 30 years of material, Ed Templeton’s scrapbook of his upbringing in suburban Orange County California is a much-anticipated book. Its photographs give a sun-drenched glimpse of what it might be like to be young and alive in the “suburban domestic incubator” of Orange County, conveyed in the idiom of Nan Goldin or Larry Clark (and with a sharp eye for the streets that recalls Garry Winogrand or Eugene Richards).