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Perspective | These photos show what it’s like being a Syrian refugee in Turkey

Photographer Emin Ozmen's four-year examination of Syrian refugees lives.

For the past four years, photographer Emin Ozmen has been documenting the plight of Syrian refugees living in Turkey. According to the United Nations refugee agency, there are more than 2,8 million registered Syrian refugees in Turkey. And more than half of them are children.

Fleeing Mosul

Five photographers document the flow of refugees escaping the Iraqi city

Over the last six weeks, five photographers—Maria Turchenkova, Laurent Van der Stockt, Jan Grarup, Ivor Prickett and Emin Ozmen—have documented Iraq’s push against ISIS and the resulting flow of refugees. They speak to TIME LightBox.

Photographing Turkey's Hidden War

More than 350,000 people have been displaced

For the Turkish-born photographer Emin Ozmen, there’s little hope of a peaceful resolution to the conflict. “[It] brings a lot of anger to the young Kurds who are living in this region,” he says. “I feel that the long-term costs of these operations will be high, even if the fighting stop. Children and teenagers feel more and more disconnected from their country.”

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Emin Özmen and Barış Koca’s Witnessing Gezi won first prize in the Long Feature category. The winning feature is built around the work of photojournalist Özmen, who documented the protests against a proposed urban development plan at Istanbul’s Taksim Gezi Park