Fuct Interview (with Erik Brunetti)


So I recently came across the “fuct facts” where it is made clear that Shepard Fairey aka OBEY has “borrowed” several designs and ideas from fuct, you have publicly addressed your opinion about him – What does Shepard have to say about all this? Has he/you ever tried to contact each other about this matter?

I could care less about OBEY, or anything else they “borrow”. They all
seem very unhappy all the time in that camp. They all need hugs.




FUCT printed this graphic on t-shirts titled “Mao-Now!” circa 1993.
In response to a simple question that Erik had asked himself: “Who is the Lucifer of China ?” while brainstorming ideas for a logo that would faithfully represent Evil in Asia. Sure enough, genocide-genius Chairman Mao Zedong (pronounced Tse Tung) came up as contestant number one !

OBEY printed a similar Mao graphic, a few years down the line. The Giant campaign was promoting cultural revolution by portraying a true visionary as an emblem of hope and world peace.