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Visa pour l’Image 2015 : Goran Tomasevic Burundi, Three Times No – The Eye of Photography

Goran Tomasevic (Reuters) has spent more than twenty years travelling the globe covering major events. His reports on war and revolution have produced enduring images of the conflicts in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. In 2015, he spent six weeks in Burundi covering protests that plunged the country into chaos during the run-up to the presidential election with Pierre Nkurunziza running for an unprecedented third term – hence the title of the exhibition.


Goran Tomasevic’s Photos in Syria

Honestly, I didn’t have any expectations. I didn’t know how the urban environment would look, but I wasn’t surprised by the things I saw. I knew there was going to be some destruction because of the scale of bombardment. I also knew there would be guys running around with Kalashnikovs and RPGs. I was just focused on the things happening around me.


Thirty Days on the Ground in Libya

Goran Tomasevic of Reuters arrived in Libya on Feb. 23, having covered the upheaval in Egypt. (“Even the Middle Ground Is Perilous in Cairo,” Feb. 4.) These images, presented in chronological order, convey some sense of what a tumultuous month it has been. Kerri MacDonald interviewed Mr. Tomasevic by e-mail last week.